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Caleb Vargas is an Associate Editor.

Caleb Vargas, Associate Editor

You’re sitting at home staring at your desktop computer. Or maybe you don’t have a desktop computer, maybe you’re browsing the internet on a laptop, or a mobile phone perhaps? No matter how you’ve chosen to get online, what matters is that you’re now online. Once online, you decide to check out your high school’s newspaper. Or maybe it’s not your high school? Perhaps you just so happened to stumble upon the site. No matter how you’ve found yourself on the Current, what matters is you’ve found yourself here. You click on an article, the one that sticks out to you the most. You skim through it a little and begin to hear yourself chuckling. It is not long before you notice your innocent giggles transform into thunderous chortles of joy. “My word, who is this man that could bestow such laughter to my heart, and such peace to my soul? Whose words are these, that pierce my skin with their wonder?” you ask yourself. You click on the writer’s name, and it takes you to the page you are on now. Yes, you are currently reading Caleb Vargas’s staff bio. “I am currently reading Caleb Vargas’s staff bio,” you think to yourself, “but how did he know that?” and that my friends, is the art of Caleb Vargas. 

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Welcome back to another year of amazing articles from The Current!

Welcome back!

October 2, 2020
Senior Caleb Vargas reflects on his high school experience.

Senior Reflection: Caleb Vargas

Caleb Vargas, Associate Editor
June 18, 2021
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