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Tejan gives a quick story about a magician with a dream, keep reading to know if he succeeded!

A story I wrote

Tejan Bah, Opinion Editor May 16, 2024

The newspaper's editor-in-chiefs and CEO [Editor's Note: He's a wanna-be CEO] have held me captive! They're forcing me to write an article. If I fail to meet the quota, they'll hunt down my beloved pet...

Micheal talks about the best muscle groups to train and why theyre important.

Top 5 Muscles to Work Out

Michael Aragon, Staff Writer April 15, 2024

Hello everyone, for today's issue I'll be discussing exercise. I know you might think it's boring right now but stick with me. I'll be talking specifically about the top five muscle groups to train; even...

Top five conspiracy theories on the disappearance of Kate Middleton.

Zoë’s Top Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Kate Middleton’s Disappearance from the Public Eye

Zoë Conroy, Staff Writer March 22, 2024

Kate Middleton has disappeared from the public eye for the past few months. The only information released to the public on January 17th said that she was admitted into the London clinic for “abdominal...

Dont be scared, Earfquake by Tyler the Creator has got your back!


Michael Aragon and Tejan Bah January 25, 2024

Hello, if you felt a little shake over winter break, you're not crazy! During the break, Maryland experienced the utmost harmful events! Every last one of us would be hurt to experience this. Tales...

yap yap yappidy yap yap! 
Take this quiz to see if youre a yapper!

Quiz: Are you a Yapper?

Obehi Eromosele, Editor-in-Chief January 24, 2024


Santa (and the Grinch) visit Watkins Mill

Josie Guy, Staff Writer December 22, 2023

The best way to truly live your life to the fullest is to live in the woods!

Sell all your possessions and move into the woods!!!

Tejan Bah, Opinion Writer December 8, 2023

YOU! Yes, you right there. You need to do the following: Sell your house, sell all your possessions, and abandon your family. You must dispose of all your material possessions and become one with nature. Why...

Angela dives into the dos and dont when it come to 90s fashion.

A Guide to 90’s Fashion- Do’s and Don’ts

Angela Mvogo, News Managing Editor November 16, 2023

In the past few years, 90’s fashion has been making a comeback. However, just because we are feeling nostalgic doesn’t mean we have to repeat the same fashion atrocities. Here is my guide to making...

Abijah shares his opinions on why he would never play a winter sport.

My Hatred For Winter Sports

Abijah Hines, Associate Editor November 15, 2023

I have a keen hatred for all winter sports. I hate them all equally, and I think it is the worst thing to do in the winter. Now let me tell you exactly why. My biggest problem with winter sports is...

My experience with senior year so far.

Senior Year

Obehi Eromosele, Editor-in-Chief November 14, 2023

Everyone says junior year is the hardest year in high school, but senior year is ACTUALLY hell. I don’t think junior year was thatttttt bad, but we have to think of the factors that go with it. Sure,...

Dilemma: Hot or Cold weather?

Which is better: hot or cold? (There IS a right answer!)

Tejan Bah, Opinion Editor November 10, 2023

Don't you hate that when it’s summer, you long for the winter, but when winter comes, you shiver in agony wishing it were summer? Now is the perfect time to discuss what's better, hot or cold. Statistically,...

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