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Every year prom dates fall on a religious holiday/time period, see the problem?

Prom: Religion vs. Administration

Tracy Espinoza, Staff writer May 20, 2024

The Mill (Watkins Mill High School) has faced many changes this school year, from expanding announcements to Spanish to implementing Wolverine Wednesday; one tradition has been kept from the Goddard administration:...

Tejan gives a quick story about a magician with a dream, keep reading to know if he succeeded!

A story I wrote

Tejan Bah, Opinion Editor May 16, 2024

The newspaper's editor-in-chiefs and CEO [Editor's Note: He's a wanna-be CEO] have held me captive! They're forcing me to write an article. If I fail to meet the quota, they'll hunt down my beloved pet...

Embark on the unfiltered review of popular food places from Brusters frozen delights to Wingstops crispy wings.

The honest foodie from the best food reviewer

Huswat Olajide, Editor-In-Chief April 30, 2024

In this column, we will dive forks, spoons, and even knives into the world of delicious foods. So grab your appetite and come with me on this journey.  Bruster’s: To be fair, I’ve gotten Bruster’s...

Micheal talks about the best muscle groups to train and why theyre important.

Top 5 Muscles to Work Out

Michael Aragon, Staff Writer April 15, 2024

Hello everyone, for today's issue I'll be discussing exercise. I know you might think it's boring right now but stick with me. I'll be talking specifically about the top five muscle groups to train; even...

Bud shares her story, prompting us to think twice before judging others around us.

Everyone has a story

Bud Soto, Staff writer April 3, 2024

Everyone has a story.  You never know what's going on with the person next to you or even in front of you.  In the corridors of the school, workplaces, or wherever paths cross, we encounter untold...

Top five conspiracy theories on the disappearance of Kate Middleton.

Zoë’s Top Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Kate Middleton’s Disappearance from the Public Eye

Zoë Conroy, Staff Writer March 22, 2024

Kate Middleton has disappeared from the public eye for the past few months. The only information released to the public on January 17th said that she was admitted into the London clinic for “abdominal...

Section of the Remember the Children: Daniels Story exhibition in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Teach Elie Wiesel’s ‘Night;’ teach hard history

Tracy Espinoza, Staff writer March 6, 2024

“Night,” a memoir by Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, is banned in certain districts in North Carolina and Iowa because the school board deemed the depiction of the Holocaust as too explicit. An account...

Tejan, the self proclamed oneirocritic, shares some dreams and interpretations.

Tejan Interprets your dreams

Tejan Bah, Opinion Editor March 4, 2024

For as long as I can remember, I've always had the magical gift of interpreting dreams. From falling from 10,000ft to running from a man in all black who appears to be chasing you. I've got the answer...

Huswat shares her professional advice on how to get noticed by your crush just in time for Valentines Day!

How to get noticed by your crush before Valentine’s Day

Huswat Olajide, Editor-In-Chief February 13, 2024

Hey there, love-struck readers! Back with my 100% accurate and foolproof advice, and today, I’m giving you a piece of my all-knowing wisdom. As a self-proclaimed relationship therapist with a Ph.D. and...

Valentines Day is soon, get front row ticket to being Briannas valentine this year!

Reasons why I should be YOUR valentine

Brianna Cherry, Staff writer February 8, 2024

Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching and love is in the air at Watkins Mill High School. While you're busy contemplating who to spend this romantic holiday with, let me give you some undeniable reasons...

Look for the mysterious, handsome figure that will fill your hunger in class!

What to do if you’re hungry in class

Tejan Bah, Opinion Writer February 9, 2024

You're sitting alone in your teacher's classroom, learning, when suddenly, your belly decides to take revenge for being underfed.  GggEUGGHGEHGRGEG (* upset belly rumble noises*) GERUGHHHHEHEHER The...

The US Constitution states we the people have the right to bear arms but how does this help students and their rights to safety?

We don’t want to die: Gun control reforms

Tracy Espinoza, Staff writer February 2, 2024

Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system. Please leave a message after the beep. Beep. Hey mom. I wanted to let you know that I love you—and I always will. Beep. Hidden...

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