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If you've done any of these horrendous things, you don't have to worry about the vaccine.

You don’t need to worry about what’s in the vaccine if you’ve…

Eilenora Presley, Features Managing Editor April 9, 2021

With the vaccine created and approved, it’s begun to be spread to the public, and at this point we all likely know someone who's gotten the vaccine. Many people are concerned about the vaccine's contents,...

Terms that were once deemed

The rise in anti-Asian hate crimes is unacceptable and needs to end

Mina Graham, Opinion Managing Editor March 29, 2021

Over the past year, there has been a large increase in the number of hate crimes against Asian people. Unfortunately, this hate is often being overlooked.  Starting around the beginning of 2020 when...

Since the pandemic began, women have been faced with a multitude of social issues.

Dear women.

Kayla Holt and Grace Edwards March 26, 2021

Dear women, I wanna begin by saying I think you look beautiful today. Whether you are dressed in quarantine chic and messy hair or the best thing in your closet, I think you look amazing. During unprecedented...

Top ten things to watch on Disney+ during spring break

Top ten things to watch on Disney+ during spring break

Krystin Ipina and Ryleigh Waters March 17, 2021

Disney+ has taken the world by storm, offering all of the content Disney owns/makes. With Spring Break fast approaching, and with everyone still in quarantine here are the top ten things to watch on Disney+. 1)...

Women during a pandemic still matter, as they are our teachers, our mothers,  our sisters, and our mentors.

Honoring women every day, not just in one month

Grace Edwards, Editor-in-Chief March 15, 2021

“We teach girls to shrink themselves to make themselves smaller. We say to girls, ‘You can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful. Otherwise you will...

One of a kind recipe for the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Recipe: Classic homemade, eastern-style peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Joshua Burgos and Caleb Vargas March 3, 2021

I remember it was a cold Wednesday evening. I was in the middle of my "post-noon pre-dinner" nap when I awoke in a cold sweat. Clutching my stomach, I built up the strength to look outside of my window....

Black History Month may be officially over, but Black History never ends.

February may be over, but Black history never will be

Jada Kawadza and Vanesa Santos March 1, 2021

Black History Month is every year for the month of February, a month dedicated to appreciating and showing respect to the Black community by remembering important people and events in history. However,...

Ask Caleb: 2/22/21-2/26/21

Caleb Vargas, All knowing king February 26, 2021

Every week, hundreds and hundreds of losers much like yourself, struggle with their everyday lives. Here at Ask Caleb™, we strive to help those poor souls one question at a time. Here are this week's...

From top left to right: Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Sandra Bland. From bottom left to right: Atatiana Jefferson, Rayshard Brooks, Tamir Rice, and Freddie Gray. Say their names.

Celebrating Black History Month after George Floyd and BLM protests

Grace Edwards, Editor-in-Chief February 24, 2021

As we celebrate 45 years of the official recognition of Black History Month, this celebration turns somber, as we remember the ones we’ve lost to Police brutality.  The murder of George Floyd ignited...

MCPS can expand their English curriculum with these diverse books.

Books to diversify the high school English curriculum

Grace Edwards and Mina Graham February 22, 2021

In light of Black History Month and the awareness caused by the protests of the summer of 2020, discussions of how to be anti-racist as well as education on systemic racism continue to rise. Projects like...

What may seem harmless may actually be harmful when it means people become victims.

Racial fetishization isn’t a compliment, it’s weird

Mina Graham, Opinion Managing Editor February 17, 2021

In a world full of different people, it is not uncommon to find interest or curiosity in other races, cultures and ethnicities. Yet, when the interest becomes damaging and objectifying, it can turn into...

Hogan's veto of the Blueprint hurts majority minority schools, especially during a pandemic.

Opinion: override Hogan’s veto on Blueprint. Make educating future generations a priority

Grace Edwards, Editor-in-Chief February 11, 2021

As the coronavirus pandemic rages and exacerbates major racial inequities in Maryland education, the current state legislative session is proving to be more pivotal and potentially instrumental in determining...

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