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Since sophomore Tatiana Davis doesnt know what to do when ice skating, here are things you shouldnt do.

Totally legit world-class ice skater gives ice skating advice

Tatiana Davis, Staff Writer March 17, 2023

Have you ever thought about going ice skating?…Don't. My friends and I had the great idea of ice skating in the Rockville Town Square rink in December. You would think, "what a fun activity. Well, I...

Many of the Disney princes actually have quite problematic origins.

Disney princes ranked in order of toxicity

Ella Rishell, Associate Editor March 16, 2023

Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon? Because she’ll let it go. In honor of Women's History Month I have come back from my last Disney article with a vengeance. It is time that we finally talk about...

Sarah Bamba provides context on the history of International Women Day and Womens History Month.

The troubling true history of Women’s History

Sarah Bamba, Staff Writer March 8, 2023

Happy International Women's Day and Women’s History Month! As we celebrate Women's History Month this March, it's important to recognize that certain aspects of women's rights have problematic origins. Here's...

Senior Andrea AJ Gordon reflects on how her white father has helped her with showing personality in college applications.

The luxury of being interesting

Andrea Gordon, Opinion Managing Editor March 2, 2023

As colleges search for new ways to assess students beyond just grades and test scores, they’ve begun requesting that students show their “personality” on applications and in interviews. Yet, there...

Here are some tips to beat the long, long, long lunch line.

How to always beat the lunch line

Peric Yerima, Opinion Managing Editor February 23, 2023

Run! Run! Run! As fast as you can. Your survival depends on it because you have competition. Do you think you are the only one trying to beat the lunch line? Well, think again. If you want to beat...

Senior Ella Rishell has been working part-time jobs for years and here are some pet peeves she realized she has.

Ella’s top 10 work pet peeves

Ella Rishell, Associate Editor February 22, 2023

There have been many days where I have woken up not wanting to go to work. Working two jobs is not for the weak. But then I remember I am broke and need money to be able to afford my expensive lifestyle. Most...

Once again, Valentines Day—everybodys least favorite holiday because it either reminds them that theyre still lonely or that theyre about to drop $100 for some flowers that are going to wilt in three days—has arrived.  And senior Ella Rishell has some thoughts to share.

Stupid Cupid doesn’t know what he’s doing, so spend Valentines Day with your best friend instead

Ella Rishell, Associate Editor February 13, 2023

Who always has a date on Valentine's Day? A calendar. Ha, see it’s funny because it’s a calendar. You know dates, calendars, no? Okay, well I tried. The calendar historically has had more luck...

Resident Girl Scout Ambassador Emily Ferrufino ranks all of her favorite girl scout cookies.

Girl Scout cookies ranked by an official Girl Scout

Emily Ferrufino, Sports Managing Editor February 9, 2023

"I promise to do my best, to be honest, and fair...", the Girl Scout Law states that we should try to be honest and that is what I am going to do. This time of year is every American's favorite...Girl...

Some books blow up on social media for the right reasons.  And there are some where you just cant quite wrap your head around why the book seems to be as profound as everyone else makes it out to be.

Books that did not live up the BookTok or Bookstagram hype

Obehi Eromosele, News Managing Editor February 8, 2023

Have you ever finished reading a book and you're like, "Oh? That's crazy." It's when the book wasn't necessarily bad, but it's just the plot twist was NOT twisted the way it should have been. I wasn't...

Here are some truly excellent k-dramas to binge this February.

Huswat’s K-drama recommendations

Huswat Olajide, News Managing Editor February 1, 2023

Do you like dramatic shows with interesting plot lines that keep you entertained throughout? Korean dramas are the right things for you! If not, I think you’ll enjoy K-dramas either way. It doesn’t...

Senior AJ Gordon goes on a deep dive to analyze...her own writing.

Did AJ’s writing peak in middle school?

Andrea Gordon, Opinion Managing Editor February 2, 2023

Much to my chagrin, some part of me is convinced that the best writing I’ve ever done in my life was in my eighth-grade English class, where I received little constructive criticism from my teacher and...

Why have your eggs been so egg-spensive lately?

Explanation: why your eggs have been so “eggspensive” for the past month

Alassane Faye, Staff Writer January 30, 2023

While egg prices are now lowering back down to normal rates, an egg shortage was the reason egg prices skyrocketed. Stores nationwide have been suffering from this price influx from the average price...

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