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Dear people who stormed the Capitol, from a young, Black, female American

Recent news of insurrectionists storming the nation's capitol is the antithesis of patriotism.
January 11, 2021

Dear domestic terrorists claiming to be patriots, The year 2020 decided it wasn't finished with us once America received the joyous experience of watching you storm the Capitol, something that hadn't...

Pandemic paranoia might linger even after the virus is less of a threat

Things might not go back to how they were before the pandemic.
January 8, 2021

Many people got used to being extra cautious this year. While there is always negative news shown in the media, this year is special in the sense that everyone can relate to a common issue: COVID-19. When...

People of color have every reason to not trust the healthcare system—but vaccines are vital

Traumatizing medical history of minorities and distrust of government worries and angers people of color to the point of not receiving a vaccine.
January 4, 2021

New Year resolutions for 2021:  Get the COVID-19 vaccine.  Survive high school.  Get the COVID-19 vaccine. Get into college.  Get the COVID-19 vaccine.  Get the COVID-19 vaccine. Are...

Do not neglect your health during COVID-19

Acknowledging the importance of loving our bodies is the most crucial thing during these unsettling times.
December 23, 2020

New doctors’ appointment! I can’t wait to go! But wait, behold, the Covid-19 anxiety. Feeling anxious about your soon to be doctors appointment? You’re not alone. As the cases rise, the last...

Top ten things to do during a pandemic winter break

Happy Holidays from The Current staff! Here are some things you can do to have fun during winter break during a pandemic
December 21, 2020

This winter season can not be celebrated the same way as previous years, but there are still tons of different ways to get some holiday cheer, and be in the holiday spirit! 1) Watch Christmas movies This...

Now is not the time for students to go back to school. Here’s why

Rising COVID-19 cases make Montgomery County's plans to reopen a safety hazard.
December 14, 2020

Given the current state of COVID-19 infection and hospitalization rates, it would be worse to send students back to school any time soon. The Board of Education previously announced metrics that they...

Performative activism diminishes important causes instead of promoting them

Celebrities making the Black Lives Matter Movement a trend, is not activism.
December 11, 2020

The year 2020 has brought many tragedies and has shed light on the oppression that people of color have endured for many years; especially Black people. Police brutality continues to be a huge topic in...

Elliot Page comes out as transgender: a pronoun refresher

Elliot Page posted this picture on his Twitter account last week.
December 9, 2020

Elliot Page came out as a queer transgender male on December 1 and shared his new pronouns and gender identity as a he/they male on Twitter. Elliot Page is the Canadian actor known for their roles in the...

Are Snow Days Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Discontinuing snow days discontinues gleeful baby smiles. How could you resist?
December 7, 2020

Do you remember the thrill of snow days? Waking up to a MCPS notification, sleeping in 'till noon, and seeing the white snowflakes congregating on the window sill? Well, I used the word “remember”...

Top 10 ways to get out of virtual class

There are endless possibilities with the excuses you can make  to get out of Zoom class.
December 4, 2020

Now of course, I would never encourage skipping class; skipping class is wrong and you should never do it. That being said, sometimes things happen, so here are the top ten excuses for missing your zoom...

Zoom Meetings Dos and Don’ts

A Zoom meeting is still a meeting. Remember to look professional and respectful.
December 2, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has caused both students and professionals to move the majority of their work online, which, of course, includes meetings.  Meetings are a vital part of a business and have a...

Why religion has lost its value to Generation Z

Religion takes new meaning with growing Generation Z. When thinking of religion, do any of these questions sound familiar?
November 25, 2020

“The new generation has completely forgotten about God,” is a comment regularly made by Baby Boomers, Generation X, and some Millennials. The generational gap makes it even harder for them to understand...

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