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Senior Krystin Ipina reflects on her four years of high school and is excited to start her college journey.

Senior Reflection: Krystin Ipina

Krystin Ipina, Editor-in-Chief June 17, 2022

Unsurprisingly, I am writing this very late and after some (heavy) pushing from Mrs. Confino (sorry!). I think I was putting it off because I’m not necessarily ready to say goodbye or reflect on a very...

Joshua reflects on the okay-ness of high school.

Senior Reflection: Joshua Burgos

Joshua Burgos, Associate Editor June 10, 2022

I mean it was alright. Honestly, to put it very bluntly, it was okay. Not bad. Not great. Just okay. Glad that it’s over! And that's the end of the senior reflection, thank you very much. Just kidding,...

Mrs. Confino really—and I mean REALLY—loves leopard print!

How to get Mrs. Confino to stop wearing leopard print

Obehi Eromosele, Staff Writer June 9, 2022

Mrs. Confino—generally awesome newspaper sponsor and #1 danger to leopard wildlife—is obsessed with leopard print.  And it's a problem.  A big, spotty problem.  She has worn at least one article...

The male bathroom located in the C-D hallway on the top floor offers an assortment of luxury goodies, including a yellow-stained toilet, no-ply toilet paper, scrunched paper towels, and used masks.

Ranking Watkins Mill’s bathrooms: the good, the bad, and the golden throne

Alasia Bender, Staff Writer June 14, 2022

Have you ever walked into the bathroom and realized just how gross it really is? I don't mean like port-a-john-at-a-fairground-gross but still, it's pretty gross right? If you said no, I would question...

Senior Ryleigh Waters reflects on her four years at Watkins Mill High School.

Senior Reflection: Ryleigh Waters

Ryleigh Waters, Editor-in-Chief June 7, 2022

Honestly, I wanted to start writing this reflection earlier than needed, since one of my best friends was the previous year’s Editor-in-Chief and I remember the process of her writing her own. Now, I’m...

Book Character Review: Winter from The Lunar Chronicles

Book Character Review: Winter from The Lunar Chronicles

Andrea Gordon, Features Managing Editor May 31, 2022

Author's Note: So I read a lot (and criticize even more) and there’s a huge lack of complex female characters in books. Diversity in films, books, and media has increased a lot over the years, but...

The Roaring 20s consisted of some of the most iconic fashion trends, especially for women (courtesy of

Fashion through the Decades: The Roaring 20s

Hali Janzen, News Editor June 3, 2022

As the times were changing and recovering from the first world war, the 1920s fashion era is unparalleled by the sheer magnitude of cultural change. From the women's suffrage movement to the postwar economy,...

An unknown animal invades your backyard.  Do you have to keep it?

A short skit about “pets”

Ella Rishell, Opinion Managing Editor June 1, 2022

Person 1: Starting now, if an animal ends up in your yard, you must keep it as a pet and take care of it for the rest of your life. Person 2: But what if I don't want a pet? Person 1: Well... that...

This dress featured in Demores Monthly Magazine (June 1869 edition) depicts an accurate reflection of Gilded Age womens fashion, with hoop skirts and bustles (courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York).

Fashion through the Decades: The Gilded Age

Hali Janzen, News Editor June 2, 2022

Since the Met Gala completely missed on the theme of Gilded Glamor, the Gilded Age fashion deserves some justice. Although, based on the Met Gala, it seems many people don’t even know when and what the...

Three women rock their bell bottom pants, a style popular in the 1970s (courtesy of Harpers Bazaar).

Why 70s fashion should come back

Hali Janzen, News Editor June 8, 2022

The 70s fashion era was an iconic era of clothing trends that included pieces like bell bottom pants, platform shoes, and bell-sleeves. This was an era of being bold and making a statement. Fashion...

Bidushi goes over everything wrong with the possibility of Roe v. wade getting overturned.

If you don’t care about a baby after birth, you’re not pro-life

Bidushi Lakhemaru, Features Editor May 16, 2022

For those who never passed the US Government exam, be afraid. You can’t graduate high school. But don't you worry, I'll help you out with your next exam. Here is a super quick recap of one of the most...

Young Black girls often face objectificationa and adultification biasly throughout their youth compared to other young girls of different races.

The adultification of Black girls

Mina Graham, Associate Editor May 10, 2022

When a young Black child looks in a mirror, they see exactly what they are: a child. When an adult looks at that same Black child, they see an adult.  From the time an infant is born, they are inserted...

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