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With great social media presence, comes great responsibility for teachers navigating online presence

As staff and students move to online platforms, discussions  arise about appropriate and meaningful social media presence and taking responsibility.

Kayla Holt, Opinion Managing Editor and Social Media Director

October 26, 2020

I would like to begin this by giving credit to our hard-working staff at Watkins Mill. Online school isn't easy for anyone. Yet, our faculty does a great job of staying connected with students through social media, which is helpful during this time of online school. Club sponsors have really risen...

How to celebrate Halloween during a pandemic

Don't let a pandemic prevent you from safely celebrating the fall season with (mostly) everyone's favorite holiday: Halloween!

Luke Swander, Business Manager and News Managing Editor

October 16, 2020

The past year has been everything a haunted roller coaster provides: high highs, low lows, twists and turns, and a jump scare every five minutes.  People haven’t been able to have social gatherings with family and friends, and the celebrations of all holidays during this time have either been alte...

What Naomi Osaka’s 7 Masks, honoring Police Brutality victims, means to a blasian tennis player

Editor-in-Chief Grace Edwards reflects on Naomi Osaka's activism, bi-racial identity, and competing in the 2020 US Open.

Grace Edwards, Editor-in-Chief

October 13, 2020

Thank you Naomi Osaka.  As a “blasian” tennis player, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for your stand and thank you for making a point.  On Saturday, September 12, 2020, you officially became a two-time US Open champion, while arriving to your last seven matches wearing seven black ...

Believing the victim should be normalized, victim blaming is a logical fallacy

Ayslinn Villalta and Mina Graham

October 9, 2020

In the past months there have been a wave of women sharing their sexual assault stories, some of whom are from Montgomery County. And yet, a common trend in all of these stories is the normality of victim blaming.  From RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), sexual assault is defined as ...

Why student activism is so important

Student activism is a right and a privilege at Montgomery County protest.

Joshua Burgos and Luke Swander

October 6, 2020

With a surge of activism across the country, it’s important that students participate in the conversation and fight for what they believe in. Youth-led activism is not some new concept that’s just trendy. Student-led activism has always been a crucial part of history. Prime examples include th...

Pandemic positives: learning to do things in quarantine

pandemic positives graphic by caleb vargas

Kayla Holt, Opinion Managing Editor and Social Media Director

September 25, 2020

For more than six months we have been stuck between the same four walls, some of us slowly going insane. Staying at home has either become a process of doing the same monotonous thing every day, or learning something new. From starting a sport to creating a side hustle, the possibilities are endless. Here...

How to navigate the college process during a pandemic

Applying to college can be difficult, throw in a global pandemic and the process becomes practically impossible! Here's how you can still make this process manageable.

Kayla Holt, Opinion Managing Editor and Social Media Director

September 18, 2020

Several months stuck in a pandemic has forced people to adjust to a new way of living. One of the biggest changes is how the college admissions process affects the class of 2021. Although the pandemic has made "finding the perfect college" more difficult than it was previously,  there are still ways...

Senior Reflection- Caleb Mbulle

Caleb Mbulle on the football field as a Watkins Mill Wolverine.

Caleb Obiarinze Mbulle, Sports Editor

June 15, 2020

They say the most valuable thing in life is time, and this year, we learned that the hard way. You never really appreciate something until it’s gone—and then it's too late.  That’s exactly how I’m feeling about my four years of high school right now. Senior year of high school is what you...

Senior Reflection: Natalie Helsel

Natalie Helsel reflects on her four years at Watkins Mill 
High School.

Natalie Helsel, Associate Editor

June 15, 2020

It seems like when I talk to friends and family that have graduated from high school they either loved it or hated it, but I don't think I can choose just one of those options. While looking back on my high school experience, I realized most of it is all a blur. Not just because it passed by extremely...

Senior reflection: Jade Pinkowitz

Jade Pinkowitz spells out 2020 with a sparkler and says goodbye to Watkins Mill.

Jade Pinkowitz, Editor-in-Chief

June 12, 2020

The fact that I’m writing this right now honestly scares me. Yes, I knew I was going to have to write this, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to. By some chance of fate, I ended up taking newspaper in my sophomore year even though I hadn’t signed up for it. I’d always enjoyed writing, and ...

Senior Reflection: Israel Safo

Senior Reflection: Israel Safo

Israel Safo, Sports Editor

June 9, 2020

Wow four years already? What a ride. I am so thankful for all the experiences I’ve had as a Wolverine.  Watkins Mill has successfully prepared me for the real world and the future. It has shaped me to be the hardworking young man I am today. From Mr. Bero and Mrs. Confino watching me grow as a s...

Senior Reflection: Yesenia Pineda

Senior Yesenia Pineda is a Feature Editor.

Yesenia Pineda, Features Editor

June 9, 2020

My high school journey was like a four season series on the CW channel. There were cliffhangers, jump scares and happy scenes, but every “episode” made its mark on my life. The beginning of my freshman year was exciting. I was wide-eyed and ready to start this new chapter of my life. Although it...

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