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Harry Styles has gone back on tour after almost two years with no live shows.

Going to concerts during the pandemic

Ruth Okello and McKenzie Arriaga November 30, 2021

One hundred thousand fans screamed the lyrics to each song and crowded the barricade to get the best view of their favorite artist as they performed. It felt like pre-pandemic times, with the exception...

These new additions to our wonderful Watkins Mill staff team are excited to become a part of the learning community.

Watkins Mill welcomes new teachers into the building

Ayslinn Villalta and Hawi Yohannes November 12, 2021

As the new school year proceeds, Watkins Mill welcomes many new staff members for the 2021-2022 school year.  There are new additions to several departments including the math, special education,...

Families are excited to reunite after a long time apart.

Fall festivities bring families together after 20 months apart

Xavier Serrano November 8, 2021

Get the plates ready, set the table, and invite your family to come over: the fall festivities are upon us. This November, seek more than Thanksgiving, open your horizons as you will be presented with...

Trick-or-treating this year is one step closer to normal, enjoy the festivities!

Halloween inches closer to normalcy as trick-or-treating resumes

Xavier Serrano October 26, 2021

One of many October festivities includes trick-or-treating where people dress up to rush neighborhoods on Halloween. This Sunday will be a closer-to-normal Halloween, and while there are still restrictions...

Courtesy of Rori Silver

Watkins Mill teacher becomes foster parent during the pandemic

Isabella Luna and Mina Graham October 6, 2021

For most children, going into a new foster home is a terrifying experience. But special education teacher Rori Silver is doing everything she can to change that, one kid at a time. In April of this...

Seniors painting the rock and preparing for their final year of high school.

Seniors offer advice to freshmen on how to make the most of high school

Julien Payen and Mina Graham September 30, 2021

Everyone, especially freshmen, could use advice, but most people don’t have older siblings or friends to help them around, so here are some tips from experienced seniors who would love to pass along...

Catching up with Watkins Mill graduates during COVID-19 across the country.

Wolverine alumni experience pandemic from college

Ashley Huynh and Julien Payen May 3, 2021

From the Village to the Big Apple, and from in-person to virtual learning, every Watkins Mill graduate’s college experience has been unique this year.  Despite the pandemic, these former ‘Rines...

ASLHS interviews CODA principal and Deaf teacher

Katelyn Burley, Editor-in-Chief April 30, 2021

In spirit of American Sign Language (ASL) Awareness Month in March, the ASL Honors Society spread awareness by interviewing Watkins Mill High School principal Carol Goddard and ASL teacher Amy Crumrine. Junior...

Watkins Mill alumni works at White Oak Medical Center, fighting against COVID-19.

WM alumni describes gritty details of fighting on COVID-19 front lines

Caleb Vargas, Associate Editor April 20, 2021

There's a great sense of urgency in the air, and chaos throughout the halls. Doctors have tried everything, but the patient's oxygen levels just won't rise. A young nurse paces around the room anxiously,...

Laura Davis Vaughan excited after her first COVID-19 vaccine shot.

Science teacher documents her vaccine experience: part 1

Kayla Holt, Opinion Managing Editor and Social Media Director April 9, 2021

The vaccine is here and it's all the talk right now. Many people are eager to receive the vaccine and get back to normal life, while others are nervous about reactions to the vaccine. Science teacher...

WMHS YDSA is working towards towards educating people on socialist policies.

Students form Young Democratic Socialist of America

Joshua Burgos, Opinion Managing Editor March 19, 2021

Watkins Mill High School’s Young Democratic Socialists of America work towards educating people on and advocating for socialist policies.  The YDSA is the student wing of the already existing Democratic...

A doctor from LA county shares his experience with the Pfizer vaccine.

Is the COVID vaccine safe? Yes, says an emergency medicine doctor

Krystin Ipina and Ryleigh Waters February 19, 2021

COVID-19 swept the nation this past year, affecting millions of people. Two vaccines have now been approved for use by the FDA and are being administered, but some people worry about the speed with which...

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