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Drive-in movie theater opens just in time to save Halloween

Media Specialist Anamaria Mitton enjoys a drive-in movie with her husband Bob Mitton at Rockville's DC Party Box.

Caleb Vargas and Anna Spalding

October 20, 2020

With 2020 threatening to take everything fun away from us, DC Party Box  partnered with WILLCO to bring the thrills and chills of Halloween to the comfort and safety of your own car. These movie nights began on Friday, October 9 and will continue until the end of October.  The drive-in theater...

Burrows teaches foreign exchange students about American culture, life

Math teacher Stephen Burrows (second from right) poses with his wife (far right), Erin Burrows, his daughter-in-law and son, Christine Hayward and Michael Burrows (left), his daughter Maddie Burrows (bottom right) and foreign exchange student Do Young Kim. The Burrows family has enjoyed hosting many foreign exchange students over the years.

Mina Graham, Ayslinn Villalta, and Isabella Luna

March 3, 2020

Hola! Ni Hao! S̄wạs̄dī! Konnichiwa! Annyeonghaseyo! Zdravstvuyte! Sälemetsiz be! Czesc! Math teacher Stephen Burrows knows how to say "hello" in many different languages because he has hosted six foreign exchange students. Burrows was born in Toronto, Canada. He speaks English and French fluently, as well...

Mr. Watkins Mill contestants set out to steal hearts in Valentine’s Day themed show

The Mr. Watkins Mill Pageant takes place tonight, February 13, at 7:30pm in the auditorium.

Hakeematu Munu and Bidushi Lakhemaru

February 13, 2020

The name's Mill. Mr. Watkins Mill. Watkins Mill High School will host the annual Mr. Watkins Mill pageant at 7:30pm tonight in the O'Shea Theater. The tickets cost $3 at STEP or $5 at the door to see six boys compete for the crown. Proceeds from the pageant are donated to the winner’s charity o...

ESOL classes travel to Shakespeare Theatre Company for subtitled production of ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’

The ESOL theatre class took a trip to see Peter Pan and Wendy at The Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Leah Niles, Videographer and Features Editor

January 28, 2020

ESOL students and teachers from Watkins Mill High School traveled to The Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, DC on Thursday, December 19 for their production of Peter Pan and Wendy. The Shakespeare Theatre Company provided Spanish speakers in the audience with live Spanish subtitles during th...

English resource teacher travels world, learns about international cultures by living there

English resource teacher Julie Dean feeds a baby kangaroo while in Australia. Dean has lived in five foreign countries because of her husband's job.

Jonah Graham, News Managing Editor

January 15, 2020

Dropping everything and moving to another country certainly sounds appealing some days, but people seldom do it. English resource teacher Julie Dean, however, has done just that many times now.  Dean has lived in many different countries with her husband because of his work as a foreign service of...

Students don’t throw away their shot to see Hamilton through grant opportunity

From top left to bottom right, sophomore Jodeleine Pierre, juniors Bethany Hurt, Antonio  Johnson, Jason Delcid,  Griffen MacLaren, Christopher Thomson excited to see Hamilton: An American Musical.

Grace Edwards, News Managing Editor

January 6, 2020

How does a ragtag group of students from Watkins Mill High School, soon to be college-bound, somehow see the hottest play around?  In 2018, non-profit organization Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History partnered with the makers of Hamilton: An American Musical to create The Hamilton Education Program: a ...

Winter brings snow, seasonal depression

Some people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, often referred to as seasonal depression or winter depression.

Jade Pinkowitz

December 10, 2019

Winter: the season of freezing weather, darker days, and holiday chaos. But for some people, winter doesn’t bring jolly feelings — instead, it brings a cloud of emotions. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), often referred to as winter depression, is defined by the Mayo Clinic as a type of depre...

Four times the fun for freshmen triplets and elder sister in same grade

Freshmen Roselyn, Cynthia, Gloria, and Karina Salmeron Ventura love having built-in best friends by their side.

Kayla Holt, Features Editor

December 4, 2019

Going to school with an older or younger sibling can be hard — between having to see them at home and in the halls, being compared by teachers, and having to answer the dreaded question, "Wait, that's your sibling?" it can get annoying. But these four freshmen sisters have never known anything different. Inside...

Wolverines work hard in school, after school at jobs

Sophomore Nicolas Simmons prepares a  sub for a customer order at work.

Yesenia Pineda and Shaneka Francis

November 13, 2019

Managing time properly with schoolwork can be difficult, but adding a job into the mix can make it even more challenging. From homework to classwork, students aren't just learning simple geometric patterns or how to annotate poems. Students have to learn how to balance classwork and a job. “I’d sa...

Wolverines have no CLUE what will happen in killer fall play tonight

Seniors Steph Ventura and Kelly Mok, juniors Vivian Ingram, Coley Farragut, and Rhamzy Achmad, sophomore Maggie Burguess Leary, freshman Nathan Campbell, and eighth-grader Sonia Thanicatt all star in the production of CLUE.

Jade Pinkowitz, Editor-in-Chief

November 7, 2019

"We can let him in if everyone agrees not to kill him," senior Steph Ventura tells the assembled guests in the fall production. Opening tonight at 7 pm in the auditorium, the O'Shea Players will present CLUE, based on the popular board game. WARNING: the play is rated PG-13 because it is a murder...

School counselors support each other, practice self-care to be their best for students

School counselor Mike Ryan with his stress relievers. Stress relief is an integral part of being able to be emotionally prepared to fully support students.

Katelyn Burley and Grace Edwards

November 5, 2019

It's been a hard day’s night for a counselor with meetings, scheduling, and taking care of students. But just a sprinkle of quality time with family, working out, hugging a stuffed animal, or hanging out with friends can help them feel better. “[Counseling] is a really tough job and we deal with...

School counselors go above and beyond to help students, keep kids from falling through cracks

The Watkins Mill High School guidance department--they don't just schedule classes.

Katelyn Burley and Grace Edwards

October 16, 2019

“My counselor helps me so much.”  “Don’t they just do scheduling?”  School counselors are the real superheros of MCPS; they protect, tackle problems, and uplift students. Scheduling classes is just the tip of the iceberg.  Counselors are here to help with anything necessary, whether it ...

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