Stupid Cupid doesn’t know what he’s doing, so spend Valentines Day with your best friend instead


Sanjay Fernando

Once again, Valentines Day—everybody’s least favorite holiday because it either reminds them that they’re still lonely or that they’re about to drop $100 for some flowers that are going to wilt in three days—has arrived. And senior Ella Rishell has some thoughts to share.

Who always has a date on Valentine’s Day?

A calendar.

Ha, see it’s funny because it’s a calendar. You know dates, calendars, no? Okay, well I tried. The calendar historically has had more luck than I do with dates. 

Stupid Cupid with his stupid bow and arrow. You’re supposed to have an impeccable aim, how do you keep missing me?

Valentine’s day is a delightful and cute holiday when you have someone to spend it with. Everything’s glittery, pink, red, and white. Flowers, on every corner of the store, and giant boxes of chocolates that are way overpriced. 

Stupid Cupid making people fall in love. I think he shot me with the wrong arrow. That’s what it is, it has to be. I can’t seem to have this bad of luck EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR! But this year, this year is going to be different.

We don’t need a repeat of last year’s Ella and the treacherous, dreadful, bad Valentines Day. Instead this year we’re playing Cupid since Stupid Cupid doesn’t know what he’s doing. Here are five things to do for your best friend this year for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Buy them a bouquet of roses, everyone likes getting flowers. Even if you don’t like flowers, the thought that someone thought of you long enough to spend money on roses is enough to make you feel special. 
  2. Get matching rings or bracelets. This is self-explanatory, ice yourself out with your best friends. They say money doesn’t buy happiness. But it buys things that make you happy.
  3. Make a gift basket full of chocolates, teddy bears, cheap confetti from Dollar Tree, and the stupidest card you could ever find. Show your bestie a bit of love, and let them know how much they mean to you. (Even when you hate them like 80 percent of the time)
  4. Bake a cake. Who doesn’t like a good baking sesh? Bake some cupcakes and maybe even little heart-shaped cookies to decorate with your best friend. 
  5. Take them on an adventure. It’s Valentine’s Day, make it special. Go ice skating, get dinner, or have ice cream. Let’s admit it we all laugh when our best friend falls before we ask if they’re okay. Might as well go somewhere you can watch them fall multiple times and it’s equally as funny every time. 

Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you need a significant other to be happy. You celebrate the people you love by showing them a token of your appreciation. So set your standards high, and be the Valentine of your best friend’s dreams. And remember if they wanted to they would. Don’t trip yourself up over being single for Valentine’s. 

By the way, it appears Stupid Cupid finally got his eyesight fixed and finally fired the right arrow at me.

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