Ella’s top 10 work pet peeves


Sanjay Fernando

Senior Ella Rishell has been working part-time jobs for years and here are some pet peeves she realized she has.

There have been many days where I have woken up not wanting to go to work. Working two jobs is not for the weak. But then I remember I am broke and need money to be able to afford my expensive lifestyle.

Most of the time, work isn’t actually that bad but people just do things that annoy me. On that note welcome to Ella’s Top Ten Work Pet Peeves! *insert crappy theme music and confetti*

  1. When people come up to me while I’m working and ask “Do you work here?” No, I am just standing here wearing the uniform and restocking things for fun.
  2. When people come up to me and ask where something is, while we are standing next to the item. Now I understand this one may seem a bit mean but like, if you looked around before asking me you would have seen that those sunglasses were quite literally right next to you.
  3. When I turn off the light on my register and more people get in line. Look guys, no light no service. Go find a different register.
  4. When my register’s light is off, and I say my lane is closed and they respond, “Well I only have a few items you can check me out.” No Karen, I can’t check you out my register is closed, the light is off, and it is thirty minutes past the end of my shift. Since you only have a few items you’re more than welcome to FIND AN OPEN REGISTER!
  5. When it was time for me to clock out and I have just signed off, grabbed my bag, I am walking towards the door when my boss asks me to stay two hours late. This one really just ruffles my feathers, like I know you watched me pack up my stuff knowing you were going to ask me to stay late.
  6. When I am on the phone with a client and another client walks up to me and starts talking about scheduling more classes. Um hello? I know you see me on the phone.
  7. When I pick up the phone and say “Hello thank you for calling *the place I work* how may I help you?” the client proceeds to ask me “Is this *the place I work at*?” Did I not say that when I answered the phone and thanked you for calling *the place I work at*?
  8. When clients assume I speak Spanish and come up to me fully speaking Spanish. I’ve been told I look pretty Hispanic sometimes, so I can understand the assumption. And while, yes, I do speak Spanish, you could at least ask me first.
  9. When I ask if they want a bag and they say no. I ring them up and suddenly they have an attitude that I didn’t give them a bag. I literally asked you if you wanted a bag and you said no, so now because you were rude I’m going to charge you the extra 5 cents for the bag.
  10. When old men come up to me and flirt with me. This is very self explanatory, sir you are like 900 and I’m not interested. Just buy your metamucil and get to getting. There is no need to flirt with me, it’s gross.

There’s so many more things I could say but then we’d be here all day and no one wants that. If you have any pet peeves from your job that haven’t been listed above, leave them in the comments section.

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