Ella’s top tips for this year’s freshmen


Michelle Batres

Ella shares her tips for freshmen starting this year at Watkins Mill High School.

“Guess who’s back? Back again. Ella’s back. Tell a friend.”

Except I’m not the real Slim Shady. It’s me, Ella, again. But this time I’m back with some things I wish people knew as a freshman. Everyone is always so excited about going back to school and seeing their friends. However, there are some things I am sure everyone has already noticed they hate about school. So here are my tips for everyone:

  1. Deodorant! Please, please, please wear deodorant. Body odor is no joke—no one wants to sit next to the smell of sweat in their English class. (Editor’s note: Please. Every hallway bears a slightly different odor.)
  2. If you don’t know where you’re going (although, it’s been a week, so you should), ask literally anyone. Most of the people here know where your class is and you might even make friends.
  3. LOOK WHERE YOU’RE WALKING! If you’re going to be on your phone in the hall, please look up. If you’re walking with friends, watch where you’re walking and try to keep walking in a straight line. It is bothersome to others (ME) when people walk zig-zag in front of you. I promise, no one is shooting arrows you need to dodge.
  4. Don’t use the stairs in the C hallway. They crowd easily and for some reason, no one knows how to walk suddenly when they arrive at the stairwell.
  5. Don’t be late for class or wander the halls during class. It doesn’t make you look cool, it’s disruptive, and doesn’t help your grades.
  6. Join a club or a sport, it is a great way to gain friends and create new memories. It also makes school a little less boring because you’re able to express yourself a little more in a safe, judgment-free space.
  7. Don’t mess around in your freshman and sophomore year because unlike middle school, your grades do matter (Editor’s note: we’re not just saying that, it’s TRUE).  This is the stuff colleges see.  Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is so important and people don’t realize how hard it is to pull up your GPA after it tanks.  Have a 1.3 GPA your junior year?  You’re not going to be able to pull it up to what you want before college applications roll around.  Scary stuff.
  8. Don’t be a bully and don’t get into fights. I feel like that one is self-explanatory.  Just don’t do it.

There are obviously way more things to learn, but there are things you to figure out on your own.  Good luck.

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