High school is ending for seniors: here’s what’s left to do before graduation


Ryleigh Waters

With time running out within the school year, seniors here’s your list of things to do to build memories before the end of the school year.

After 12 long years plus kindergarten and maybe Pre- K, school is for the most part coming to an end. For seniors at least (good luck underclassmen 😉 ). Not much is left to do in the school year, but here’s a list of what IS left to do. 


First is the most important thing, as a senior GO TO PROM! After two years of cancellation due to COVID-19, it’s finally back! Prom is special as you hear about it as you go through all the grades, leading up to your senior year (or junior if you want) can finally go yourself and see what makes it special. 

Pretend to do work

Pretending to do school work is a form of art if I’m being honest, and everyone can be an artist. You are in the final stretch, and it’s the fourth quarter. You shouldn’t be stressing over work unless you have AP/IB Test. Just relax, pretend to be doing whatever you’re assigned, and relax, you’ve earned it. 

Find a job ASAP

If you want to make moves this summer then you will need money. Start job hunting now, it’s the best way for you to get your money up. If you start searching in the summer, you will be hurt seeing everyone else go places while you are still looking for a place to work. 

Get new summer drip

Buy new drip for the summer, it’s the most essential thing on this list. While fast fashion isn’t very good for the long term, it is good for your pockets and this single summer. You can buy your must-like shorts, some graphics tees, and my personal shoe for the summer the New Balance 550s. If you don’t like my suggestions, then buy whatever fits your personal style; it’s personal for a reason. 

Just enjoy your last moments as a senior, visit some colleges, and decide want you want for your future. Just enjoy the summer before we enter the “Real World” where you have to start worrying about things like taxes and other adult things.

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