What to keep when the pandemic ends


Ryleigh Waters

As the Pandemic ends, we have some suggestions of what should be kept in the world’s next chapter of life.

From online shopping to curbside pickup and masks, no one knows when COVID-19 will truly come to an end but as the world keeps spinning, eventually things will go back to normal. As restrictions ease, there are some things we should bring into our new “normal” from the height of the pandemic. 

Food Delivery 

Food delivery services have been at an all-time high since 2020, but as it becomes safer to go out we expected the popularity of this service to decline. But, these food services are able to prioritize time, convenience, and customization, so it’s safe to assume things like Doordash, UberEats, Postmates are not going anywhere. 

Working From Home 

With the help of Zoom and other video conferencing services, working from home has never been easier and more convenient. It eliminates the cost of buildings and commuting for both companies and employees. As more companies are allowing employees to work from home it has become a safer option and long-term we can say it’s definitely here to stay. 

Staying Home When You’re Sick 

The sick say stigma in America is fading and it’s becoming more common and encouraged to stay home when you’re sick instead of trying to work through it in the office. Of course, it can be easier for some to stay home sick than others but the use of sick days will most likely be more encouraged within the future. 

Prioritizing Mental Health 

Mental health has been a big topic during the pandemic. From the loss of loved ones to depression while dealing with isolation, mental health awareness has been on the rise. Mental health awareness will hopefully be here to stay even after the pandemic. 

Virtual Education 

With many schools and institutions having to be virtual through 2020-2021, virtual schooling has become more widespread and accepted as a supplement to formal in-person schooling. While in-person education cannot be replaced, it’s important to recognize the options and opportunities that can be utilized with a virtual option for students.  

With all the changes during the pandemic that come and go, there are many more lasting changes that will hopefully be for the better. Let us know what you want to bring out of the pandemic with you!

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