Josh’s Spotify Wrapped


Sanjay Fernando

Senior Josh Burgos shares his top artists, songs, and more!

Spotify Wrapped is a compilation of listening activity and data for users to review near the end of the year.  The data is displayed in graphic format and shows things like your top artist, genres, albums, podcasts, and even how many minutes you spent listening.

Though everyone’s different and I’m far from a music elitist, I will say that I’m content with my Spotify Wrapped.  Not only does the removal of Brockhampton from my top artists make my day, but finding out how much my music taste has changed over the year reminds me of my own personal growth.

My top artists this year from first place to fifth are; Tyler The Creator, Turnstile, Steve Lacy, My Bloody Valentine, and PinkPantheress. Some names here may or may not be recognizable, but I absolutely recommend that you stream from these artists regardless.

From the many drops this year, I would like to talk about PinkPantheress  and Glaive. If catchy melodies are your thing, check out PinkPantheress. She’s a UK-based artist who took most of social media by storm, known for songs like “Attracted To You” and “Pain.”  If hyperpop and ‘whiny’ music is your thing, listen to Glaive. Their music is a good introduction to the hyperpop scene and their songs have good range, from slower melodies to faster uptempo songs.

My album of the year was Tyler the Creator’s “Call Me If You Get Lost.” Every two years, Tyler releases a new album, the previous year’s being “Igor.” Every two years, I become 10% happier. Notable tracks from the album that I recommend to everyone regardless of music preference are “Manifesto” and “Wusyaname.” These track show off all of Tyler’s skills and are some of the best songs from this album.

This year was arguably one of the most interesting years for music, with new artists, albums, and genres becoming mainstream. From Ye’s Donda, to Baby Keem’s Melodic Blue, music has brought most of society together through tough times.

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