I’m secretly the best member on The Current (Editor’s note: What?)


Ryleigh Waters

Senior Michael Quintanilla, supposedly the best member of the current, presenting his case.

I’m sure I am the best member in The Current but no one pays attention to me (Editors note: Who are you again?). I sit next to a new member, Phanuel, an associate editor, Josh, and Sanjay (the hottest one but to be honest I don’t know what he does) (Editor’s note: Bruh?).

I am grouped with them because they’re my friends, but on a work level, the class sees us as slackers and as the kids that don’t do any work for The Current. But it’s secretly the opposite. I am single-handedly carrying The Current (Editors note: This is literally your first article this year and it’s December).

I see everyone working on articles, doing interviews, and photo features. Then there’s me, the glue that is keeping The Current together (Editor’s note: You literally only talk to Josh, Phanuel, and Sanjay in this class and then they get no work done).

Everyone wonders why I’m not writing articles. But what I wonder is, why aren’t you doing the scores for sports? Exactly. We all have our jobs. (Editor’s note: You stopped doing the sports scores like the second week of school. What are you doing with your life?)

Everyone says it is because I’ve been carrying The Current on my back, but I haven’t said anything to my teacher or friends because I don’t wanna brag (Editor’s note: Please just write an article. At this point, we are begging. It can literally be about your pinky toe, we just need SOMETHING). I understand it’s about editing and working together in this team, but I don’t get any help. I am the only one who keeps The Current together. (Editor’s note: Please explain. Seriously. We have no idea what you’re talking about.)

Who morally supports our great editors and our great writers? It is me, Michael Quintanilla. (Editor’s note: Again, you literally only talk to three people. Are you supporting us by NOT distracting the rest of us?)

I like to focus my emotional support on my favorite Associate Editor. He has been great with his job, helping everyone out, but could he do that without my daily help? (Associate Editor’s note: Goated opinion, to be honest, I am really good at my job). I keep the room live and healthy and lift the mood up while stories are being published, edited, and written. (Editor’s note: Yes. By the rest of us. Who are actually doing our work.)

Our class is during sixth period. Everyone is either gassed out or feeling restless, thinking about going home. I believe that me being the energetic one is best for our class (Editor’s note: He’s on his phone the entire period). I am out of it all morning, but after lunch I’m feeling up and ready to go. I have one class to chill, and then our newspaper class. In this case, our class is usually out of it (Editor’s note: No, we’re working and ignoring you. Not out of it at all.) but when I’m able to lift the spirits up, a healthy environment is created for our writers and they’re ready to get the articles published. (Editor’s note: Again, he doesn’t do anything in this class).

All I’m saying is that I think I’m just the best member of our staff. Maybe you guys haven’t actively seen me start being the best because I just don’t want to (Editor’s note: ????). If I’m ever needed, I’m pretty sure I can get the job done. (Editor’s note: I mean… at least you wrote an article. Finally. Kind of.)

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