Do Si Dos and Do Si Don’ts of Girl Scout Cookies


Grace Edwards

Girl Scout cookies and nostalgia– what more could you ask for ?

As the famous Girl Scout cookie season is now coming to an end, let’s see what was hot or not about this year’s cookies- ranked by actual Girl Scouts! 

This cookie is what we call the most popular and everybody’s favorite: Thin Mints. They are crunchy with the flavor of mint and chocolate. Peppermint patties just got nothing on them. These are iconic and even vegan, but we recommend freezing them to dunk in milk. 

Everyone who knows Girl Scout cookies knows that Samoas are always one of the most popular. Just saying the name of this coconut caramel chocolate-covered cookie makes people want some. If you hate coconut, however, this cookie probably isn’t for you.

Tagalongs are very crunchy with a smooth peanut butter filling covered in a chocolate coating. Samoas, Thin Mints, and Tagalongs are the Girl Scout cookie trifecta in terms of the most sales. There are rip-off Tagalongs at some stores but they just can’t compare to the Girl Scout bakers. 

Now, for the original Girl Scout cookie, trefoils. Most people either love them or don’t because of their plainness (or as others say, “blandness”), but they are a real classic. Some people really love the buttery flavor and buy loads of boxes. 

Do-si-dos aren’t one of the most popular cookies, but they aren’t really one of the least popular either. They’re a crunchy peanut butter cookie sandwich sort of like an Oreo, and we always have a few people buy them every year. Maybe it would taste better if they were covered in chocolate? 

Next on the list is S’mores, one of the newer additions. At first, we thought the cookie wasn’t all that because the marshmallow and chocolate didn’t taste the same as a normal s’more (more like a dull s’more) but it kind of grows on you. However, a box of S’mores is a dollar more than most of the others.

Lemon-ups is the newest option to come out in our area. We got to try this crunchy lemon cookie before they were officially announced, also called “Lemonades” in other regions. Most define them as Savannah Smiles with a glow-up, but this cookie deserves all the hype.  

Lastly is Toffee-Tastic. The name kind of deceives; there is toffee in the cookie, but it is not that fantastic (in our opinion). Having this gluten free option is great but to be blunt, the cookie really isn’t. Not only is the taste off, but so is the price of six dollars. 

What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Let us know!

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