10 things I think about ‘You’


Amelia Burton

The Netflix show YOU has captured hearts and brought stalking into the light.

1) Joe is the best boyfriend ever.

I can already hear people saying “uh Kayla… Joe is crazy” but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t the best boyfriend. Joe did everything in his power for the girls he loved, he even tried to stay away from Love when he thought it would be best for her. You can’t tell me that girls don’t want a guy who will constantly think about them, and Joe is that guy.

2) Mrs. Confino is making me say that Love is dysfunctional… but I love her

That girl is probably my favorite character, she is a classic ride-or-die kind of person. I truly thought when she discovered who Joe was she would run like Beck, but no this girl killed for him! And it wasn’t her first time! Call her sick all you want but she is also the sweetest most kindhearted character in the show. I always wanted Joe to be happy and I think she is perfect.

3) Candace is stupid for coming back

If Joe is so scary and dangerous, why would you come back near him to taunt him? If the man scares you so much, you should just stay away from him. “I’m here to protect Love and Forty from you.” Candace shut up you couldn’t protect yourself so how are you gonna protect a drug addict and a cook?

4) Forty is a useless character and only becomes relevant in the end

Forty was just so annoying, like why did he keep showing up? To me, all he did was drink too much, come up with ugly plays and cause Love unnecessary problems. Love probably wouldn’t have been so crazy if he had his life together and wasn’t such a two year old the whole time. Watching him die was the most relevant part of his storyline!

5) The parents of Love and Forty are the reason they’re so messed up, but it’s also not that deep.

I have mixed feelings about their parents. I think that the neglect they gave to their children and using money to fix every problem is a big reason why they are so crazy, but they are also grown so get over it. This dependency thing they seem to have, especially Forty, is so annoying. Get ya bag sis and leave your parents alone.

6) Joe’s mom makes me wanna fight her

I understand that she was beaten already, but I wanna get my hits in. She traumatized Joe in so many ways, we want to call Joe crazy so much, but what about his awful mother. She constantly left him behind, constantly fed him meaningless words, and when they finally got free from Joe’s dad (because of Joe), she goes to another man and tries to take Joe with her. Honestly, she makes me so mad and deserves the electric chair.

7) Joe makes children a priority

Joe does love kids, or at least loves to protect them. In season one he helped Paco get away from the man that abused his mom, and in season two he helped Ellie get away from Henderson. His methods are always the best, you have to admit he is caring and thoughtful when it comes to kids. He will make a great father.

8) Delilah and Ellie got it the hardest even though they were innocent

These two sisters might just have the saddest storyline in the whole show. Delilah was so broken inside from what Henderson did to her, all she wanted was justice. Plus she started to catch feelings for Joe before she saw who he really was (but I mean who wouldn’t). I always feel bad when I think about her storyline in the show. To me, she didn’t deserve to die. But Ellie to me had it the hardest, all she wanted to be was a writer. I didn’t like how so in dark she was about the things happening around her especially about her sister’s death. These two girls did nothing to deserve what happened to them.

9) Love will kill the neighbor next door 

We have established that Love is crazy, she killed Delilah for no real reason and killed her au pair when she was a kid. She loves Joe and wants him to herself, but Joe wants everything he sees. Best believe Love will NOT like that, she will do anything and everything to keep Joe, even if it means people die.

10) Joe will kill Love

Love is carrying Joe’s baby, and we all know kids are this man’s soft spot. So, if he believes that Love is a danger to this child, he will definitely get rid of her.

Sometimes love can do more harm than good, and this show puts that metaphor into a character.

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