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How to stay motivated after winter break

It can be hard to stay motivated after a long break but Associate Editor Gisell Maravi has some tips to keep you on the path to success.

Gisell Maravi, Associate Editor

January 2, 2020

Coming back from winter break can be a difficult transition period. Students spend more than an entire week away from school, so their usual routine is thrown off. It can be hard to refocus, especially if you're expected to immediately jump right back into school. The most difficult thing for students after ...

Games to play with the family this holiday season

How to make the holidays more fun? Play games with your family!

Amelia Burton, Associate Editor

December 17, 2019

The holidays are coming up and many of us are excited about the presents we might receive, but sometimes, holidays can be a drag with all the awkward conversations. So what better way to lighten up the mood than with games? Whether you’re 10, 40, or 70 years old, these games are fun for everyone. So...

How to keep New Year’s resolutions

How to keep those New Year's Resolutions past the middle of January? Read on to find out.

Natalie Helsel, Associate Editor

January 3, 2020

Keeping New Year's resolutions can be hard for all of us, especially with the stress of balancing school and work, but with these tips, your resolutions will be able to last until May. (Maybe) 1) Set realistic goals Do not set huge, unachievable goals for yourself and expect to reach them overnight. ...

Best Christmas songs to get you into the festive spirit

Senior Nakyia Middleton gets into the holiday spirit by listing her favorite Christmas songs

Nakyia Middleton, Editor

December 19, 2019

The holidays are approaching fast and whether you are driving, curling up at home with blankets, or doing some last-minute holiday shopping, Christmas music seems to be playing in the background like a Hallmark movie soundtrack. Here are my top 10 Christmas songs to listen to this year. 1) Sleigh Bell...

Top ten things to do during winter break

Montgomery County residents taking a walk through the Winter Lights Festival.

Gisell Maravi, Associate Editor

December 12, 2019

The holiday season is upon us. Everyone is out buying gifts, decorating their homes, and listening to holiday music. With the holiday season comes one of the best times of the year for students: winter break. Winter break is a time when students can rest up from all the school work and be with their...

What to get those people you don’t really like for the holidays

What to give those people who you need a gift for, but who you'd rather not be around?

Arthur Siqueira, Resident sad boy

December 17, 2019

Are you tired of people giving you gifts you actually need? What if someone had the audacity to even remotely imply that you're getting them a gift?  Using complicated holiday math, I’ve created a list of gifts that are both useless to give and get. 6) Single Right AirPod. A single right Ai...

Is the 50 percent rule helping or hindering you?

Montgomery County Public Schools' policy that prohibits teachers from giving a grade of less than 50 percent if a student attempted the assignment seems great. But it hurts in the long run.

Amelia Burton, Associate Editor

December 9, 2019

  We all know and love the Montgomery County Public Schools 50 percent rule because you can literally do the bare minimum and still get by in the class. But the harsh reality is when you get to college you only have two options, pass or fail. That’s it. So how much is this rule really helpin...

The top 15 movies to watch this holiday season

The holiday season is approaching fast. Binge watch these movies before the holiday spirit disappears.

Jade Pinkowitz, Editor-in-Chief

December 11, 2019

The holiday season has already begun: Thanksgiving and Black Friday are over and those jingle bells are ringing. If you get stuck inside during a snow day, grab some hot chocolate and curl up to watch these holiday movies. 15) Elf This movie is funny and an entertaining movie to watch during the holid...

Why Montgomery County’s protection of natural hairstyles matters

Seniors Leah Niles, Amelia Burton, Briana Bittings, Yesenia Pineda, and Arthur Siqueira, and junior Kayla Holt show off their natural hair in various styles.

Amelia Burton, Associate Editor

December 2, 2019

My hair is my crown. I cherish my curls, and my strength lies within the naps that are so often referred to in a negative connotation. For years, black women’s hair was seen as unprofessional, un-kept, distracting, and ugly. It's hard to believe that a person's hair could keep them from getting...

Senior offers perfect clapbacks for awkward Thanksgiving questions

No one claps back better than Nancy Pelosi — except senior Amelia Burton

Amelia Burton, Associate Editor

November 26, 2019

It’s that time of the year again where the entire family gets together, and if you have a crazy family like I do, sometimes Thanksgiving can be a drag. Whether it’s your crazy aunt who argues with everyone or the drunk uncle who can’t hold his own, if your family is anything like mine, you ha...

Types of relatives you will see this Thankgiving

There are so many types of relatives that you have to deal with during the holiday season, even The Current family has these types.

Jade Pinkowitz, Editor-in-Chief

November 27, 2019

Thanksgiving break is approaching fast, and if you have a crazy family, which most people do, you're in need of a serious survival guide. Here's a list of the relatives you will have to deal with this year during the holidays. The host/hostess This relative loves giant get-togethers and family events. The...

Why TI’s ‘virginity check’ is a privacy violation

Planned Parenthood tweeted a series of informative messages after the T.I. story broke.

Jade Pinkowitz, Editor-in-Chief

November 20, 2019

Rapper T.I. publicly and proudly admitted on the podcast Ladies Like Us that he accompanies his daughter to the gynecologist every year to ensure that her hymen is intact in an attempt to ensure she is still a virgin. First of all, in what world is it acceptable for a father to disregard his daughter'...

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