Things we wish had a vaccine


Michelle Batres

Peric lists the top thing that we wished we had a vaccine for. If only!

There are lots of things we wish we had a vaccine for—something to act as a magical cure.

Apart from the obvious ones like world hunger, depression, and cancer along with its bajillion variations, here are the top five things I wish we had a vaccine for.

5)  Fifth on the list is stupidity. Though this is only number five, it is arguably the most important one…wait I take that back, it is UNDOUBTEDLY the most important one. The only individuals who would disagree with that are well…STUPID PEOPLE, which is why this inclusion is needed.

Ridding stupidity from the world would save a lot of people a lot of problems, and a cure would be put to immediate use and help a lot of people, including the inventor of homework, people who take up two parking spaces, and so many people we know but won’t name. Although I could name a bunch.

4)  Next on the list is boredom. Did you know that boredom is the number one killer of teens worldwide? What is worse than laying in your bed on a Saturday afternoon with no idea of what to do? Imagine what you could do if you never got bored.

Stuck in traffic? No problem just take a dose of the magical serum. Waiting in line at the Motor Vehicles Association (MVA)? Don’t worry, there is a solution. You could even use it to finish that project you’ve been putting off for weeks. But my personal favorite is that it would help me get through a homeroom period.

3)  Number three on the list is a friend who talks too much. We all have that friend who goes on and on and on when talking, and even though we love them, we would love them a lot more if they just knew when to close their mouths.

2)  Next on the list is crowded hallways. We all know it. We have all been through it and we all hate it. I do not have much to say about this one besides just walk…PLEASE!!!

1)  And number one on the list is tiredness. A cure for tiredness would positively affect all aspects of life and means more time for pretty much everything. You could binge-watch your favorite TV series or catch up on late work. Step outside and go for a walk or stay indoors and beat the next level of your favorite video game. But no matter what you decide to do, I’m sure everyone would appreciate the extra time. Sleep is overrated anyways.

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