What to look forward to after high school

Seniors might be feeling stressed thinking about the future, dont worry, just have fun and live without regrets.

Ryleigh Waters

Seniors might be feeling stressed thinking about the future, don’t worry, just have fun and live without regrets.

As the school year nears the end of the year, the scares of real-world responsibilities creep into your mind. Taxes, health insurance, student loans…but surely there are brighter things to look at, right?

“Sometimes thinking about the future after high school is scary. I spent my “life” in high school with my friends but we will all be off to separate colleges, probably make new friends. Then we are off to adulthood,” senior Justin Banes said.

Students are given options for which route they will take in their future after high school. Some students go into the militia, others end up attending higher education, whether that’s college, university, or trade school. Some students decide to enter the workforce right away, and some even take a gap year. Once students graduate, they are met with health care, car payments, student loans, and more. Luckily, there are some things to look forward to after high school.

After high school, there are no more “rules” besides those given by the law. Whether life deals you a good hand or a bad one, you can still make the most of your time. Why not start your own business? If you have a passion for cooking, why not open your own food truck?

Whatever you end up doing with your life, remember life is too short to have regrets.  “One day I hope to wake up and begin cleaning people’s teeth in addition to my own,” senior Folashade Okanlawon said, in regards to her future career in dentistry.

People can get caught up in their jobs, and when they eventually settle down, families rarely ever have time to visit a library or read some books. It would be ideal to continue to explore self, people never stop learning, so why stop after high school?

Continue to look forward to being curious should in whatever your future endeavors may be, and make sure to always look on the bright side, for there are big possibilities for all seniors after walking across that stage.

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