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Johnson & Orders think ‘Outside the Box’ in new podcast

Assistant principal Steve Orders and science teacher Matt Johnson in their recording studio

Chase Deist and Fiona Franke

December 21, 2017

You hear them in the hallways, you hear them on the morning announcements, now get ready to hear them on your phones. Science teacher Matt Johnson and assistant principal Steve Orders have created a podcast called “Johnson & Orders: Outside the Box." “'Outside the Box' is a play on ...

Roles set to reverse tonight in annual powderpuff game

Powderpuff flyer.

Cameron Moore

November 13, 2017

Girls, grab your cleats and boys, grab your pom poms because it's everyone's favorite time of the year: powderpuff time! The senior-sophomore versus junior-freshman game will be held today, November 13 at 3:30pm in the Wolverine Den. Seneca Valley High School will also be playing at the event in their...

MoCoSnow creator makes predictions for this winter’s weather

MoCoSnow creator makes predictions for this winter's weather

Briana Pasion

December 11, 2017

With the beginning of winter nearing, everyone’s favorite days are approaching. Snow days mark the most wonderful time of the year and MoCoSnow creator and Watkins Mill alum Alexander Tsironis gave The Current his winter weather expectations. Starting off the season with the new MoCoSnow App, Tsiro...

Classes clash at winter Mill Madness event tomorrow night

Classes clash at winter Mill Madness event tomorrow night

Cameron Moore and Bridget Mundy

December 5, 2017

Classes will be battling head-to-head for a trophy at the Clash of Classes event tomorrow night, December 6, during the Winter Mill Madness at 6pm in the main gym. Doors open at 5:30pm. Tickets for Clash of the Classes were sold today and will be sold tomorrow in the mixing bowl at STEP for one dollar....

Freshmen adapt to life in high school, find it better than expected

Class of 2021 Homecoming halls

Nadaja Burnett Pierre, Aisha Sowe

January 2, 2018

Adjusting from elementary to middle school is one thing, but from middle to high school is a much bigger step. Freshmen are learning how to adjust to an important four years before starting college. Adapting to change is something most of us go through. Here at Watkins Mill, freshmen are taking it...

Shorter days, winter weather can lead to seasonal depression

Shorter days, winter weather can lead to seasonal depression

Bianca Johnson

November 8, 2017

Picture your daily life in winter. Are you smiling? Are you doing anything? Are you with friends? Or Are you tired? Are you stressed? Are you alone? Now using those same questions, picture yourself in the summer. Is there a side you lean more towards? If so, you’re not alone. Yo...

CollegeTracks saves seniors during stressful application season

CollegeTracks saves seniors during stressful application season

Briana Pasion

November 7, 2017

Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody. Help! You know I need someone. Help! CollegeTracks can answer all the cries for help with the tedious, stressful process that is applying to college. CollegeTracks is a program that helps students apply to colleges, scholarships and financial aid for col...

Outing Club takes students into great outdoors to explore nature

Flyer for the new Watkins Mill High School club.

Vicki Wong, Aisha Sowe, and Nadaja Burnett Pierre

November 16, 2017

Outdoor activities such as hiking and camping are fun things to do, but now you can have the chance to do these and more by joining the Outing Club at Watkins Mill High School. The Outing Club, previously known as the Environmental Club, was restarted this year by senior Elisabeth Warren as part of a G...

Annual spring break trip will take students to China after visiting Greece last year

Building overlooking the water surrounding the Greek island, Santorini.

Soreya Djemene

November 15, 2017

Spring break is a wonderful time to sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself... or go to China. Here at Watkins Mill High School, social studies teacher Thomas Sneddon offers annual educational school trips overseas. Sneddon took over from social studies teacher Adam Schwartz in running the annual t...

Child development introduces teenagers to careers in education

Students teach preschoolers using centers

Vicki Wong

November 1, 2017

You may have walked past the child development class, with its banner hanging high in the hallway, or maybe you have seen children playing outside on the playground and wondered, “What do they do, exactly?” Students taking child development learn about the development of children while runnin...

Teachers marry high school and college sweethearts, proving relationships can last

Science teacher Matt Johnson and his wife, Ashley, when they first met in college

Taylor Dawson

January 8, 2018

Most people believe that high school relationships don't last, but several Watkins Mill staff members have proven them wrong. They are now married to their high school and college sweethearts. "It’s true, if she can cook, you have to wife her," football coach Michael Brown said. He knew his wife...

Johnson’s energy extends out of classroom, into inspiring fitness regimen

Science teacher Matt Johnson's fitness transformation

Brennan Guilds

November 10, 2017

Motivation is often a distant fantasy that lies in legends, along with unicorns and universal peace. This tale is no different for motivator-in-chief and science teacher Matthew Johnson. You can often find him garnering hype at football games and pep rallies. Those who take his classes are already...

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