Review: Sister Act keeps faith alive in O’Shea Theater

Jade Pinkowitz


Leah Niles

A rare, behind the scenes shot of Sister Act: the Musical, being performed tonight and tomorrow at 7pm.

Lauren Flandrau and Taylor Dawson

The O’Shea players’ production of Sister Act The Musical debuted this past weekend as the spring musical with repeat performances tonight and tomorrow night at 7pm.

The main character, Deloris Van Cartier, played by junior Zenani Munthali, is a professional singer in the 1970s who, upon witnessing her lover murder someone, must hide in a convent in order to stay alive. She finds faith in her time with her newfound sisters and the music she is able to share with them by expressing her voice.

Sophomore Baebaa Sayeh played one of the lead roles, Curtis Jackson, a club owner and the leader of his gang. The audience was very pleased with his performance skills and his tone.

Junior Michael Kelly Mok played another lead role, Sweaty Eddie, a cop with an awkward personality and a sweat issue. Eddie and Deloris have a sweet relationship and the audience thoroughly enjoyed watching it bloom.

The show is genuinely enjoyable with comedic relief, incredibly catchy songs, and students who have put their heart into the production.

If you don’t come see the musical Sister Act tonight, Friday April 5 or Saturday, April 6, you’re missing out for a chance of laughter and excitement provided from the cast.

Tickets can be purchased at the door for $5 for students and $10 for adults.  Don’t miss out!

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