Spring Sports Introduction


Sanjay Fernando - Emily Ferrufino

The spring sports season begins this week. Read the article to break down the coaches, captains, and thoughts on the coming season.

The 2023 spring sports season is finally upon us. Baseball, softball, tennis, lacrosse, track & field, and volleyball begin their seasons this week, and will put their effort towards their respective championships. Show your school spirit by coming out to the games and cheer our ‘Rines to victory.


Varsity Coach: Tyler Zencka

Captains: senior Josue Portillo and junior Ethan Seldin

Junior Varsity Coach: Marc Lande


Varsity Coach: Paul Vance

Captains: seniors Sarah Bamba, Therese Dalliah, and Ciara Johnson

“Our numbers are up, and I’m very pleased with our work ethic so far,” Vance said. “Training camp has been intense, and a great experience for all. Keep going hard, Wolverines.”

Junior Varsity Coach: Heather Bond

Captains: sophomores Genesis Ramires-Duran, Jeminni Monaghan, Ina Alodijnou, and Juliana Buadu

“Our team motto this year is ‘never give up, never let up!’,” Bond said. “This is my first season coaching and I am very excited to teach my girls the fundamentals of softball while having fun.”

Girls Tennis

Varsity Coach: Martha Patton

Captains: freshmen Great Praise Wisdom and Elizabeth Escorcia Orellana

“Even though we are a new team, we are bonding and making great strides during our practice,” Patton said. “The most important thing is to develop a love for the game and work on improving your skills as a player throughout the season.”

Boys Tennis

Varsity Coach: Peter Kielar

Captains: seniors Md Rahman, Julien Payen, and Safwah Ashraf

“[I’m] looking forward to a great season with a full team and defending the Division IV Championship Title,” Kielar said. “[I’m also] looking forward to one last year with our awesome seniors.”

Girls Lacrosse

Varsity Coach: Lindsey Hendrigsman

Captains: seniors Emily Ferrufino, Jessica Reyes, and Roselind Dominguez

“With the players taking more responsibility this season, they will also be able to take more pride in their accomplishments,” Hendrigsman said. “The players will know that they had a lot to do with preparing for the accomplishments that I know we will see this season”

Boys Lacrosse

Varsity Coach: Bryan Lanham

Captains: juniors Ron Jacob Natividad and Hugh Clark, and sophomore Kevin Villalobos Garcia

Junior Varsity Coach: Justin Davis

“We’re going to work hard and do the best we can,” Lanham said.

Track & Field

Head Coach: Steven Schaired

Captains: seniors Esther Kouadio, Abdoul Ndiong, and Ella Rishell, juniors Kamar Sutherland and Yanku Rex-Campbell, and sophomore Kailey Meadows

Boys & Coed Volleyball

Coach: Michael Brown

Boys Captains: seniors Ashan Wasim and Eduardo Lezama

Coed Captains: seniors Lorraine Flores and Jared Banes

“Our goal will always be the same—win the County Championship,” Brown said. “Both our teams are loaded with high character, high academic, and talented volleyball players… I’m more than excited to see how this season pans out.”

Allied Softball

Varsity Coach: Caitlin Fasano

Captains: senior Rob Fleischer and junior Steven “Scooter” Westman

“I’m most excited to watch the kids learn how to play and have fun this season,” Fasano said.

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