Jordan 1 shoes are the best of all time–change my mind


Ashley Huynh

The Jordan 1’s are the number one shoes of all time.

Many  people have many different opinions about shoes. But one thing that most people can agree on is that the Jordan 1 is one of the best shoes of all time.

The Jordan 1 was not on the best sneakers of all time list by ‘FashionBeans.’  It wasn’t rated in the top ten Nike shoes of all time by ‘Complex,’ nor was it in the top 10 Jordan signature shoes rated by ‘Bleacher Report.’

But even though it isn’t a top signature shoe, the Jordan 1 was rated the number one most influential shoe of all time by ‘House of Heat.’ ‘Complex’ rated it the third-best shoe of 2022 so far. It was also ranked the number one basketball shoe of all time by “Bleacher Report.” A review website called ‘All About Anthony’ says,” The Air Jordan 1 remains one of the most, if not THE most hyped-up sneaker in Nike’s lineup.”

This same article describes how the Jordan 1 comes in many different colors and forms, like high, low, and mid. In addition, an online fashion site called ‘GQ’ ranked the Jordan 1 as the number two Jordan of all time. When a Jordan releases, it usually has a retail price of 90 to 100 dollars, and the resale price is generally from 170 to 200 dollars. This is a very reasonable price to buy a Jordan 1 and will make it easy when you go shoe shopping.

Even though the Jordan 1 has such a basic design, it could be worn with almost every type of clothing. The Jordan 1 undoubtedly is one of the 10 best shoes of all time.

The Pine Green 1 lows are one of the pairs I have, and the material is decent, but the comfort of the shoes is immaculate.

I also have the Tropical Twist 1 Mids, and the leather on the shoes is amazing and personally one of my all-time favorite colorways.

I also have the Cardinal 1 lows, and the red color with the gold contrast is just one of the best collaboration colorways of any shoe.

The Jordan 1 will never be ranked below a ten in my book. Throughout my life, I’ve had many pairs of Jordan 1’s. And I’ve found many different outfits, many different styles of clothing that go with the different shoes that I have.

Jordan 1’s are the one shoe seen being worn by at least ten people because they were popular when they first released in 1985 and are still the most bought shoe of all time. The Jordan 1 undoubtedly is one of the top ten best shoes of all time.

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