Senior Reflection: Joshua Burgos


Joshua Burgos

Joshua reflects on the “okay-ness” of high school.

I mean it was alright. Honestly, to put it very bluntly, it was okay. Not bad. Not great. Just okay. Glad that it’s over!

And that’s the end of the senior reflection, thank you very much. Just kidding, I know you see very clearly that there’s more written. 

I’ve had trouble writing this reflection due to the sole reason that I have nothing to reflect on. I barely remember anything notable from freshman year, sophomore year, and let alone Zoom academy. High school does unironically go by fast. Very corny I know. Though I can attribute high school to very heavily shaping the person I am today, more so than any year of my life, it did come with a lot (heavy emphasis on “a lot”) of downsides. 

Will I elaborate on those downsides? No. Moving on. If I’m going to give any underclassmen or future seniors some advice right now, it’s please just do what you want. You don’t have to impress anyone and be that ‘super-smart-top-of-the-class-best-in-your-field’ student. It will absolutely ruin you. Unless that’s your thing then go ahead—I’m not one to stop you. What I’m trying to say is don’t let some lame expectations weigh down your entire high school career.

Sure, at least care about school to some extent; get good grades, and don’t flunk out, pretty simple. Just don’t let school be the only thing you care about (literally took this from Booksmart, one of my favorite movies of all time). If you’re lost in life like I was (you’re not alone, trust me) and don’t know what you want to do in the future, just don’t worry for real. Do what you like.

Don’t listen to me though; all I did ever was write funny articles, sleep in class, and miss a couple (Editor’s Note: a LOT) of days of school. Anyways, for what I actually liked about senior year—since it’s the only thing I can truly reflect on without totally lying—includes my friends, my girlfriend, and Spotify premium. Trust me, it’ll make sense in like two seconds. 

The above were all the things that got me through a tough school year. Transition to in-person, college apps, figuring out what I wanna do in life, finances, COVID-19, etc. My friends were the greatest source of annoyance, but in a good way. I mean sure, all we do is go to the gym and play video games and maybe go out (or fail to go out) once in a while. (You’d just have to be there to understand.) My girlfriend is probably the most amazing person I’ve ever met—really cool person. You’d also just have to meet her to understand. 

Hm. Parallelism. I wonder what could be next? Maybe for the Spotify premium part I’m going to write, “you’d just have to have it to understand.” Maybe not. Yeah, you’d just have to have it to understand.

I’m missing out on a lot, surprisingly. Maybe I did have a lot to reflect on! I’m not entirely upset about high school. I like to think that everything that’s ever happened to me brought me to where I am today. I can’t go back and change it so no point in dwelling on it. I will still continue to remember the first friend I made, every single awkward moment in class, every single A (not to flex but I got like two B’s all of high school), the time Confino scarily asked me why I didn’t sign up to be apart of her journalism class, and every single choice I could’ve made (like important choices not literal). Then again, it’s whatever for real.

Yeah but besides all that. School was okay, really.

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