Declaration of a new, totally not made-up holiday…or something like that


Sanjay Fernando

Jubril creates a totally real, not at all made-up holiday to ensure students get a much needed day off in March

March has no days off, and I want a break this month, so I hereby declare the second Wednesday of March the official day of Schlummern. 

The day of Schlummern is to commemorate those who have been lost and to guide them to the right place. This was a widely celebrated holiday dating to prehistoric times. Where they slept in extra to be able to dream of all the memories they had together. It’s kind of like Dia de Los Muertos, without all the skeletons. 

MCPS needs to honor this day not only because I want a day off, but also because losing a loved one is extremely hard on you mentally and having a day to remember them, specifically dedicating a day to remember gives you a reason to do so, which encourages you to tap into those memories and accept the loss, so it’s no longer painful to remember. 

Now then, if you believed all that, then it worked.  If my masterful plan convinced enough people that this is a real holiday and people start celebrating it, I could begin having meetings with the governor, then BOOM! Getting this day declared as a holiday would allow for a day off and subsequently achieve my goal.

Yes, we have Dia de Los Muertos and Memorial Day for memorializing the dead, but this one is EXTREMELY different because it’s in March.

This isn’t an actual holiday but instead the best way I thought of lying my way into an off day in March. It’s crazy to somehow have to go through an entire month without seeing a single one of those days off. Twenty-three consecutive days of school, and now that streak will continue into April because April 1 is now a half-day instead of an off day. 

MCPS we have important matters to discuss, I will be expecting an email when you all are done playing games. 

Happy Schlummern everyone!

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