Letter to a gun


Sanjay Fernando

An open letter to guns, asking them why they are more protected than children.

To this not so dear piece of metal,

The one that many see as protection from other ones like you. In the end, you are just a killing machine who takes innocent lives from this world onto the next. When in the wrong hands, you have no semblance of a purpose. You just create destruction, you’re used to hurt and intimidate people, and you steal children from their lives, loved ones, classmates, and teachers.

But still, you are defended by many even after doing such things because under the Bill of Rights, you are a right. You put thousands of dollars in the pockets of politicians to defend your law. But who puts money into defending us, the people you murdered? Nothing is done to protect us until we are murdered and only then do we get thoughts and prayers. You really are under the same constitution where we are promised life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, but that cannot happen if you keep taking us away. 

Piece of metal, thus far you have accounted for hundreds of deaths this year, but why are you still here? Please, piece of metal stop, taking away children, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas because you are leaving holes in families and those holes can never be filled with anything ever again. The damage you have created ever since you were created is sickening and atrocious. You have led to mass genocides, wars, and massacres.

There have been 670 mass shootings so far this year in the U.S all because of you. You’ve created the most damage, and pain in the U.S. You should be banned, or at least strictly prohibited in this country, just like you are in almost every single country in the world. 

Piece of metal why are you used for such things when that’s not your purpose at all, your purpose is not needed anymore it’s time to put you away for good, oh piece of metal please go away get written away from our laws, and let us live our lives fully. You are nothing but a killer, and you should no longer be in our society.

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