Messages matter: make sure you’re choosing the right one



Not all flags are equal, please consider the meaning behind the ones you post.

An MCPS high school’s student spirit organization posted an image today of three student athletes in their blackout uniforms holding a “Thin Blue Line” flag on social media. 

While the image was quickly deleted, Montgomery County thrives on diversity and inclusivity, and posting an image like that sends a very clear message about who is welcome in that community and who is not.

It is important to be inclusive to everyone and to be aware socially and politically especially in a county like this. Montgomery County is known as one of the most diverse counties in the United States. Feeling welcomed in any school within this county should be the bare minimum, and yet that standard is still not met. 

In the current political climate, sharing this image, especially by students in school athletics uniforms is, at best, inappropriate. We want to remind all members of our shared community that our words, actions, and social media postings matter–and messages of support for marginalized communities are empowering. Messages that go against those communities are repressive. 

We applaud the fact that the image was removed, but it is important for students to remember that your digital footprint can never fully be erased. So please be conscious of what you say and do on and offline, remember the effect it can have on others around you.

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