Do not neglect your health during COVID-19


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Acknowledging the importance of loving our bodies is the most crucial thing during these unsettling times.

New doctors’ appointment! I can’t wait to go!

But wait, behold, the Covid-19 anxiety.

Feeling anxious about your soon to be doctors appointment? You’re not alone. As the cases rise, the last place someone would want to be is at the doctors’ office. But, hear me out, it’s not as bad as you might imagine.

Not everyone has access to low-cost healthcare and therefore many people relied on the Wellness Center before the pandemic. But the Wellness Center is still up and running, just not at the school. “Although the health clinic is closed. We are offering other services like vaccines, dental, flu, etc. at another site. Check our school link on the school website,” Wellness Center site manager Lisette Dardon said.

What are the best essential lifestyle tips that can guarantee a better quality of life? Although it might be good to de-stress by playing video games or anything that you use to pass time, it is important to stay emotionally connected with people.

Staying connected

Humans, as we know it are very social creatures and can perhaps go insane without keeping company. We can communicate in other ways other than face to face thanks to technology. With a tap on a phone, you’re already talking to grandma or friend. Socializing through social media or phone calls could really turn a person’s  day and/or life around for those who live alone and seem to be having a tough time.  It is also important to practice social distancing when arranging an in-person meeting as fun as it is, it’s for everyone’s own sake, not just your own.

Eating healthy

Staying cooped up in an isolated room could lead to some food temptations or overeating. Staying home shouldn’t be a valid reason to eat so recklessly. Opting for healthier foods could help your body in  many ways, and your body might even thank you back. Keeping a good nutritious food diet can be hard and a bit expensive, but you should talk to your doctor about changing your diet in the most effective and economical way.

Keeping up with your sleep

I’m not your mom, but yes, you should sleep more. It’s very cliché to say, but sleeping is more important now more than ever. This is prime-time for our bodies. They are constantly changing and growing. For that to happen, we need a good night’s rest-sleeping early- that will maintain our bodies looking healthy during these very apprehensive times.

Less than eight hours of sleep is the bare minimum for a teenager’s body. What really happens when we don’t get enough sleep is more complex than you might think. Our organs, which we use everyday, need to function properly and function to their full potential. So as you can already tell, no sleep leads to organs not functioning properly. The best way to avoid this is to keep a sleep routine that will develop into a circadian rhythm which means you will automatically get tired at a certain time and will make your sleep schedule effective.

Ignoring your daily health due to Covid has been shown to be detrimental. Your physical health is just as important as your mental healthー they are intertwined with each other. Not everyone has the time to exercise or keep up with their old daily routine, but we must keep a routine so our brains adjust to how it was before Covid. This winter break, use this time to create a proper routine for your physical and mental health, we all need it. 

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