International Night provides free food, fashion, performances tonight


Ella Rishell

Student Government Association (SGA) hosted International Night activities near the flagpole area during lunch.

International Night is providing a fashion show, and traditional food from different countries for students from Watkins Mill High School. The event is hosted tonight, April 20, in the cafeteria from 5:30pm to 7pm.

“I take pride in my culture, and I just want other people to know what is Indian culture…and what we do,” sophomore and international night co-host Niharika Wadehra said. “I’m excited, [but] I’m a bit nervous to perform in front of people.”

All family members are welcomed to come to the event. International Night will not charge an entry fee or charge for the samples of the food and cuisines provided by the students.

“I’m most excited about just the students, seeing them participate, seeing them showcase their culture and be proud of their culture. And hopefully see many families attend,” International Baccalaureate coordinator Reina Flores said. “They should definitely come because it’s an opportunity to learn about other cultures, it’s an opportunity to come and enjoy a very fun night that is free.”

The DJ, junior Avizai Maldonado, prepared music for the event along with sound equipment to provide higher quality sound and music. There will also be a fashion show, with traditional and cultural costumes, and performances for students to show off their culture and show their pride through performances such as dancing.

“I’m interested in everyone’s culture to discover other people’s customs and way of living but majority of the time I always like to know more about my own culture as a Latino knowing how big and extensive it is. I’m always discovering something new about my own culture,” Maldonado said.

There will be costumes and cultural dresses present at the event to represent those students who attend the school and are willing to show off their culture.

“It’ll be an amazing night where students and families will be able to showcase their cultures from all around the world and embrace their origins,” Maldonado said. “I’m so excited to see all the performances, talent and fashion shows and have a taste of everyone’s culture.”

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