New student club Star Vogue is back in fashion


Michelle Batres

Watkins Mill students start a new fashion club called Star Vogue.

Watkins Mill High School now has a brand new fashion club, Star Vogue. The club accepts all and welcomes anyone with an interest in fashion.

Freshman Felix Nelson runs the club as President and freshman Anderson Lazo serves as Vice President. Star Vogue is an alternative fashion club focused on creating fashion and expressing creativity.

When the idea started, Nelson and Lazo realized they would need a sponsor if they were to start the club. After talking to a senior they were referred to science teacher Karen Doerrler, who became the official club sponsor.

“The passion that they have for it, is what I want to support,” Doerrler said. “I want to give them a chance at something besides school, besides sports, a way to express themselves and be a part of a community.”

“I have a really big passion for fashion,” Nelson said. “I like the idea of expressing yourself through non-harmful creativity and art. I think it’s even more interesting because you can wear it.”

“We wanted to bring [the fashion club] back,” Lazo said. “It would be fun to do a fashion club because there hasn’t been one in a while.”

The club will focus on clothing, whether it is designing and making their own styles or just looking around the world and watching movies. Star Vogue also plans to look at the different cultural styles; any style is welcomed whether it’s a more mainstream style with designer clothes or a more unknown style like y2k with a vibrant retro edge that packs a futuristic touch.

Donations of any material would be extremely helpful, especially since Star Vogue is a new club. The following items can be donated and would be appreciated: old fabrics, sewing machines, pins, sewing kits, scrapped clothing, and hand-me-downs.

“We are open to anyone of any gender being able to wear whatever they want.  We don’t want to put people in a box,” Nelson said.  Star Vogue is “a safe way to express your feelings and I know for some kids that’s really hard, [so] I hope fashion can be a way to do that.”

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