LGBTQ+ students day of silence

Students take a day of silence this Wednesday to bring attention to issues LGBTQ+ community face.

Ryleigh Waters

Students take a day of silence this Wednesday to bring attention to issues LGBTQ+ community face.

Rainbow Rines, Watkins Mill High School’s LGBTQ+ club, will participate in the National Day of Silence to bring attention to the silencing and erasure of the LGBTQ people on April 6, 2022.

Active students will not be able to speak for the entire school day. Participation is open to all students dedicated to spreading awareness. Students will be using a whiteboard with markers to communicate non-verbally on that day.

“I’m excited that people are silent for the day,” Rainbow Rines president Jessica Benavides said. “I know it’ll be hard for some people but I believe it will really have a great impact on this school.”

The international day of silence is April 8, but Rainbow Rines will hold it on April 6 so more people can be engaged. “We don’t speak to show the power of how much people do need to speak about LGBTQ people, their rights, and their lives,” Rainbow Rines sponsor Scott Tarzwell said. “Because if no one speaks, nothing gets done.”

This will be a significant fundraiser. Staff and students will be asked to sponsor the students who are staying quiet to show acknowledgment. The money will help Rainbow Rines become more visible in the community, and a portion will go to volunteers at MoCo youth pride.

Pledging will help fund local efforts to educate and advocate for minority youth.

 “This is important because we have LGBTQ teens in the building and their voices need to be heard if we are to maintain a diverse and accepting community in this school,” Tarzwell added. 

Pledging will be available to anyone carrying a folder, a member of the Rainbow Rines, and the club sponsor. Signups will be open from Tuesday the 29 – to Monday, April 4. “I’m very excited about signing people up and gathering donations,” said Benavides. Donations of at least one dollar are eligible to receive prizes.

Participating in this event can help stand up for LGBTQ youth and break the silence to make our school more inclusive. “I think it’s important to stand up for what’s right,” sophomore Ethan Seldin said.

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