Top Halloween costumes


Jada Kawadza

Senior Monica Tsai posing for a picture in an Among Us costume.

The month of October is here and within all the festivities there’s one thing we need to prepare for. Halloween is coming! So here are some costume ideas to get you ready for this spooky holiday.


Squid Game

The hit Netflix show, Squid Game, became an overnight sensation. So why not dress up as one of the contestants or the guards from this beloved show. 


Among Us

I haven’t seen anyone do this yet, so be unique and be “sussy” this Halloween. Maybe you’ll even get the chance to throw someone off a spaceship as well.


Bob Ross

Are you an artist? No? Yeah me neither. But with this classic costume, we can all pretend and make happy mistakes together <3.


Prince Phillip 

Easy and affordable. Just get a coffin, fake a British accent, and you’re all set (you might have the scariest costume this October)!


Sailor Moon

A classic! It’s cute, fun and everyone will know what your costume is. Although, I can’t guarantee that you’ll be the only one in this costume. 


Winx Club

If you have a big group of friends it would be fun to dress up as one of the Winx, and if you have a small group of friends you can dress up as one of the Trix. Or if you wanna go solo, there are many fairies to choose from!



Go scare children, I’m sure all parents will love that. You can get free candy too!


The Addams Family

Why dress up by yourself when you can dress up with your family! This would be a great way to bond with your family and you’ll have cute pictures to go in your family scrapbook. 


Train to Busan

Dress up as one of the people who got turned into a zombie or be the train that took them to Busan. 


Tiktok E-girl/E-boy

You got a boyfriend or girlfriend? Go be emo’s on Halloween and make some Tiktoks it’s a great bonding moment.


Spice Girls (Like actual spices)

Isn’t this so creative? This has NEVER been done before I promise. Just trust me, bro. 


Charli D’Amelio

RENEGADE RENEGADE RENEGADE. Maybe you’ll become Tiktok famous too!


Dunkin’ Donuts (basketball player donut)

Okay, I know what you’re thinking! Why would you dress up as a Dunkin’ Donuts employee? Now imagine this, you in a basketball player costume with a donut pool ring around you. Get it? “Dunking” the donuts. We’re so FUNNY!


Taco Belle

Do you want a couples costume idea? Here it is! One of you dresses up like a taco and the other dresses up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

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