Sports Wrap-Up: October 4, 2019

Boys soccer

Wolverines soccer lost a hard-fought battle to the Rockville High School Rams 2-1 Wednesday, October 3.

Junior Katime Njie scored a goal from a pass assisted by junior Joseph Crespo.

“Now we know how awful it feels to lose,” senior Brian Reyes said. “We don’t want to feel this way again.”

The ‘Rines next play Damascus High School Hornets Saturday, October 12 at 12pm at Damascus High School.


Cross Country

The Watkins Mill varsity cross country team lost their meet October 2, against Magruder High School. “We have two weeks until counties,” junior Jonas Clark said.  “I think we need to start working on our speed a lot more, really work together as a team to improve our times so that we can put up good times at counties.” 

Their counties meet will be on Saturday, October 19 at Bohrer Park.


Girls Soccer

Girls varsity soccer played two games this week and lost. The first game was against Poolesville High School on September 28 and the second game against Rockville  High school on October 2. 

Even though the girls lost, “as a whole [their] attitude for this game was very good,” junior Beverlyn Nedina said.

JV girls soccer also played Poolesville that day and didn’t win either. They lost 9-1 putting up a good fight to at least score. 

However, the junior varsity team did come together to beat Rockville High School, October 2.

“It went really well,” junior Allison Rodriguez said. “Honestly one of our best games.”


Girls Volleyball 

The girls played Clarksburg High School Tuesday, October 1. The girls didn’t win, but learned a lot and hope to win their next game October 3 against Gaithersburg High School. The game with be home at 6:30pm. 

“It was an experience that we could learn from [and] we learned to trust each other with the ball,” senior Melanie Torres said.

JV volleyball had two consecutive wins this week. They started off the week and took Clarksburg High School down, winning 2-0. The girls worked well together and pulled through for the win. Two days later the girls beat Gaithersburg High school with score of 2-0 again.

“I feel we definitely stepped it up from Tuesday,” sophomore Marley Hammond said. “Tuesday we kind of got in our heads a little bit, so [Thursday] we stepped it up and played like we played in practice.”


Field Hockey

On Tuesday, October 1 the varsity and junior varsity field hockey team played two separate teams as they continue with their season. Varsity played against the Seneca Valley Screamin’ Eagles, winning with a score of 2-1.

The girls played well and hard, playing as a team and using communication as a way to dominate the other team. The team has always been uplifted by playing together and giving it their all, they are ready to get back on the field to win yet again.

“We played a lot of really tough games this season but we’ve always played them really well… we’ve come out of many games feeling excited, and feeling well even though we might’ve lost,” junior Bethany Hurt said.

JV, on the same day, played the John F. Kennedy Cavaliers losing with a score of 1-0.

The girls despite their loss worked together as a team spreading out and getting to the ball quickly. They are excited to get back out on the field.

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