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Winter weather under-delivers, but fashion stays on point

Junior Jelvani Fajardo poses in his fashionable outfit

Junior Jelvani Fajardo poses in his fashionable outfit

Junior Jelvani Fajardo poses in his fashionable outfit

Eudel Ndong, Alex Wright

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As the winter weather moves out and we start looking towards the sun, let’s take a glance back at some of the trends we will be leaving out in the cold.   

One of the biggest struggles while choosing your outfit is dressing for the weather and winter can make the challenge even harder.

“I check the weather before I leave the house so then I know what to wear,” junior Kati Hruska said about piecing together her outfit. “When I feel put together, it makes me feel good about myself and the day. It makes me motivated.”

Many students feel they have their own style and create their own trends.  Junior Jelvani Fajardo said, “I just like dressing different, I like to stand out and have my own look and own style.”

Junior Karyn Chambers felt similar about her winter closet. “I think I am both [a trendsetter and a trend follower] because usually in this area people take a while to get on trends here and I follow trends ahead that I see online.”

For other people, ideas come from social media or celebrities across the world. “I will go on Instagram or Twitter and see a person’s outfit and I will think ‘wow that is cute,’”  junior Katherine Ipina said.

Senior Ashley Mbah said, “I like the way people like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian dress, I think they are my top inspirations.”

One of the top fashion trends at Watkins Mill this season were the flood of winter boots among both boys and girls. Ipina, Mbah, Fajardo and Chambers all took advantage of the piece and incorporated the shoe into their wardrobe.

As the short winter draws to a close and temperatures climb into the 70s, students are looking to change into shirts and shorts for the sun. “If its hot, I am not bringing much out, I have made that mistake more than once,” Fajardo said.

Senior Ashley Mabah posing in her denim skirt, leather jacket and knee-high boots

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