Freshmen find a new fit entering high school

Genesis Jimenez and Taylor Dawson

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” -Charles Darwin (1809)

As everyone knows, high school is all about change. It all starts during freshmen year. Coming from a small middle school to a big high school in a short period of time can be a dramatic change.

Going into high school, you are expected to become someone you are not quite ready to be. You will suddenly feel pressure and stress fall onto your shoulders. Make no mistake, you will remember these four years for the rest of your life.

We can all say high school is definitely a place you must adapt to. “There [are] too many people, it’s too crowded. I don’t like that,” freshman Joanna Cruz said.

There is no argument that high school is far more challenging than middle school, but there is always a good outcome. “Classes are harder but teachers actually try to make you pass,” freshman Keiler Bonilla said.

High school does not only change the students, but the teachers as well. Some become much more lenient and others seem a bit more grouchy than their middle school counterparts. “[I like the teachers because] they give chances to bring up [your] grades,” freshman Chris Kouemi said.

“[I prefer high school over middle school because] we can come in to redo stuff, like assignments and raise our grades,” freshman Kathy Castro said. High school gives you many opportunities to be successful.

A lot of freshmen believe “there isn’t really a difference [when comparing high school to middle school],” freshman Adilia Sequeira said. Which may be true for some, many students enjoy the freedom that high school provides.

For the most part, high school is considered more enjoyable than middle school. There will be many ups and downs and lessons to be learned. Everyone has different experiences with their four years, but you just have to learn to survive, so be careful out there and good luck!

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