Weekly Wolverine Horoscopes: October 16-23


Michelle Batres

Seniors Ruth Okello and Mckenzie Arriaga predict your future for this week.

Aries: Your ability to balance may be put to the test this week. Make sure you act before doing, take a step back, and evaluate your next steps.

Taurus:  This week will be plagued with indecisiveness, but don’t let it frustrate you too much. You might be afraid of making the wrong decision, but remember that whatever you choose is your destiny.

Gemini: Indecisiveness can be your most significant setback this week. Do whatever your heart tells you to do, and don’t doubt yourself. Nine times out of ten, your heart is more appealing than your brain.

Cancer: This week, you will achieve your goals. You will find yourself working harder than ever to achieve success.

Leo: Getting your opinions out might do more harm than good. It is good to speak your mind, but make sure you’re not doing it at the expense of others.

Virgo: This week is filled with aggressiveness. While you might feel inclined to join in, it’s best for you to be patient and let the others fight it out. During this time, the best decision you could make is to not get involved in other people’s emotions and focus on your own.

Libra: Pull the brakes this week. As a Libra, you value balance in your life. So when you feel as if you’re reaching your mental limit, make sure you pull back and do things to relax your mind.

Scorpio: You might be feeling a bit vulnerable this week. Feelings of self-doubt can be present in your mind. However, you shouldn’t let these thoughts get in the way of this week’s plans and continue to work hard to rid yourself of these mental barriers. 

Sagittarius: This week, you will learn that all actions have consequences. Make sure you know that before everything you do, there will be a consequence—good or bad.

Capricorn: You may experience a bit of internal conflict this week. Take time to journal, paint, or do anything that will allow you to express your emotions creatively.

Aquarius: You may find yourself feeling more sentimental than usual this week. Whether you’re reminiscing good or bad memories, remember to ground yourself to the present every now and then.

Pisces: This week will be filled with detours from your expectations. Have an event or plan in mind? Something won’t go your way, which isn’t inherently a bad thing.

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