Why Obehi should be the next queen


Obehi Eromosele

Obehi already has most of the Queen-like qualities, so let’s just make it official already.

“The queen is dead, long live the king.”

First off, the queen never died, I’m right here! Prince Charles did not sacrifice as much as I sacrificed for the nation of England. He might be the rightful heir, but sometimes the person born into a position isn’t the right person for the job. 

In my honest opinion, I think I should be considered the new ruler of England instead of Prince Charles because he’s just not fit for the position. Being queen is not just a job title but instead a state of being and I’m already in that state. Accept me as your queen because …

  • I’m just THAT girl

Everybody knows who I am. It’s not a popularity contest or anything but I feel like I excel in everything I do, whether it be ruling the United Kingdom or getting an A.  Trust and believe I can do all of the above. Being a queen is just who I am already so I think it would be a perfect fit for me.

  • I’m young

I know, everybody needs a good everlasting queen. I will not be dying young with Yanna as my bodyguard. As a young person, I’ll be able to think for the minds of the youngsters. 

  • Insta queen

When I become queen, I’ll be able to influence the rising kings and queens of the nation. You’ll be able to see things through the eyes of a queen, an “aesthetic queen.” In the morning, I’ll take a picture of me drinking tea in the courtyard and post it, then another one in the afternoon but in the garden instead. Living that queen life if you know what I mean. 

  • I will make sure everyone stays hungry and feed only the cats

As humans, we can go without food for at least a month. Cats in England starve and yet, the people are fed. That’s just not right! Something needs to be done. Once I become queen, I will make sure that the humans starve (not me though, I will be enjoying my tea and biscuits in the dining hall), and the cats get fed. More food for cats!

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