Rating the five most important (or most enforced) school rules


Michelle Batres

About one month into the school year, there are some new and old rules that students have noticed.

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. You know what that means, new school years, new rules. I can’t wait to see what the Mill has in store for this year. Rules ensure to protect, prepare, teach or make us miserable. Let’s run down the list, shall we?

1.  The Phone Rule
Yeah, yeah. We probably should know this rule by now. Teachers wouldn’t stop talking about it during the first week. Most people have common sense and know when not to use their phones. Honestly, I don’t think this rule is awful; it’s just getting overused in most classes.

2. Drug-Free Zone
Tariq Temple from Abbott Elementary once said, “If somebody tries to give you drսg, punch ’em in the face.”
Even though we technically can’t legally do that by school rules, there are reasons why some rules are made, which is to keep our focus on our learning. Just please don’t do drugs at school.

3. Dress Code
I get it ladies, this one sucks and even I don’t want to follow this rule. But at least it isn’t like other schools that take dress coding too seriously. I can see why we can’t wear certain clothes, but dressing coding someone because they were wearing pajama pants? I know school is no place to sleep, but come on now.

4. No Weapons
This my favorite rule because it protects all of us from danger, even if the American school system has failed us multiple times. Just be grateful that none of us carry weapons carelessly or pull them out as if it’s the seventeenth century.

5. No Fighting

Even though this rule is often ignored, we still shouldn’t be fighting at school. It’s supposed to be a “safe” learning environment. No violence is necessary. If someone really wants to throw hands at you, handle it through DMs instead of physically hurting one another.

I hope this helps you see how I review school rules. Now, remember these rules are supposed to make the school environment safe. Just don’t get yourself in some hot water.

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