Good news to put a smile on your face in 2022


Sanjay Fernando

Lately, it seems bad news keeps coming one after the other. Here are some heartwarming news to cancel out some of the bad.

The past few years haven’t been easy on many of us, and an overwhelming majority of the news has been negative.  News about COVID-19, the threat of war, and other bad things fill up news websites. It can be difficult to find any source of good news nowadays.

Luckily, our optimistic Current writers have compiled some good news stories to help you combat all the scary stuff out there. We hope these stories will brighten your day as you enjoy scrolling through. 

1.  Billionaire Entrepreneur and Shark Tank Investor Mark Cuban is creating an online pharmacy to offer generic drugs at discounted prices.  The cost of basic drugs for the average person has gone through the roof over the past few decades, so to help out, Cuban’s company says that it will negotiate directly with manufacturers to get the lowest prices possible.  The website sells over 100 different low-priced drugs already and is working to grow its customer base.

2.  In some very recent news, Ashley Manning of Charlotte, North Carolina, spent her Valentine’s Day delivering flowers and gifts to widows.  Last year, Manning started her project on social media in an effort to cheer up those who were down, and this year, with the help of Volunteers she delivered flowers to hundreds of widows in her area.

3.  After years of damage, Earth’s ozone layer is on track to completely heal in just a few decades.  Unless you’re a chemist at NIST, it’s difficult to understand the significance of this, so picture a thin, protective shield around the Earth that absorbs the sun’s radiation, but with a giant hole right above Antarctica.  The hole has had harmful effects on our planet for a while now, but because it’s healing, we’re one step closer to mitigating climate change.  The research has also sparked new hope in the scientific community, giving us hope that we can still do something about climate change.

4. Eight-month-old Afghan child, Shail Ahmadi was finally returned to his family after being separated in August of 2021.  During the crisis in Afghanistan, many parents were forced to send their children to safety without being able to go with them.  Ahmadi’s father handed his son to a soldier at an airport and wasn’t able to see him again for months, not knowing if he ever would.  Luckily, Ahmadi was found by a taxi driver who took care of him until he was reunited with his family.

These are just a few of the amazing stories happening out in the world right now, there are tons of others out there that you can find with just a bit of digging. We hope that these stories can make your days and help you find the light at the end of the tunnel!

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