Top five actors snubbed from the Oscar nominations


Sanjay Fernando

With the Academy Award nominees released today, tons of actors, actresses, and movies alike were robbed from a nomination. These are the top five snubbed actors this year.

With the Oscar nominations released today, there are tons of great nominations that are well-deserved but there were tons of actors and actresses who never got the recognition they deserved.

Lady Gaga

Her performance in A Star Is Born showcased her wide range of acting and House of Gucci further emphasized this. She truly captivated us on the silver screen and she was an enigma to watch. It was devastating that she didn’t get the recognition she deserved. 

Rachel Zegler

This up-and-coming actress started out on Youtube and starring in school plays, and now watching her perform is truly an experience. The audience couldn’t look away as she belted out on the screen and showed so many heartfelt emotions. Despite the high expectations of her nomination, it was a complete disappointment when the Academy failed to recognize her talent.

Mike Faist 

He truly is a phenomenal actor and showcased his Oscar-worthy performance in West Side Story, and he deserved the nomination that unfortunately never came. He is truly talented and we’re sure he’ll have many more great performances that deserve Academy nominations in the future. 

Timothee Chalamet

His looks should’ve won him an Oscar alone, to be honest. After performing in Dune, the audience is sure that Chalamet was snubbed from the rightfully deserved nomination. He is very talented, and while he’s definitely showcased his talent before, Dune proves to be one of his best performances, his full range of acting shown throughout this film.

Leonardo Dicaprio-1997

Now, while we don’t think that 2022 Leonardo DiCaprio deserves the Oscar nomination, we’re sure that inventing time travel to go back and give 1997 DiCaprio his award can’t be too much of a hassle, I mean, it is DEFINITELY rightfully deserved. Also Mrs. Confino definitely did NOT make us include this one.

They were all phenomenal in their respective films, and they were snubbed. Point, blank, period.