Why taking journalism can be the best decision of your life


Sanjay Fernando

Michael breaks down why he took journalism, and why you should too.

Do you find yourself always coming up with random ideas and thoughts? Take journalism. I get it—writing can be annoying.  Brief constructed responses and long paragraphs are pesky, but in journalism, you can throw all of those boring essays out the window. 

I started taking journalism in my sophomore year, I happened to be placed in this class due to no space in my schedule (keep in mind that I hate English), and this was also my first time having Mrs. Confino as a teacher, but I fell in love with newspaper. 

As I developed my abilities in journalism, my mindset went from ‘I’d rather be tied up and beat up than write a five-paragraph essay’ to ‘I’ll write this article because it’s going to be fun.’ Yes, I know that’s weird, but I used to hate writing with a passion.

Look, after the quick scary phase of slight confusion in this class, the next year, you will be able to write whatever kind of article you want. You’ll also eventually adapt to writing and end up loving it (trust me, Confino has a way with teaching newspaper, you’ll love it).

Think about this class as having a broken phone that you don’t know how to open exactly, but when you figure out how to unlock it, you have the whole internet and more at your fingertips. Although that might not be the best analogy, it gets the point across fairly well.

You get to choose what you want to write, so you’ll feel totally comfortable with whatever you end up writing, and Confino will have your back regardless of the problem, and regardless of the article.

One more pro to taking journalism is you will always hear the tea in this class.  Everyone in newspaper knows the drama (we kind of have to, we write about it).  You also interview students and staff alike, and the newspaper pass allows you to go to school-wide events (for coverage obviously), but without getting in trouble for being there or paying to get into athletic events.

We hope to see you in newspaper next year!

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