Post-pandemic travel guide: What to know before you go


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Are you planning on traveling this year? well we’re here to help with this travel guide for post-pandemic travel.

Planning to travel somewhere? If not, you can still use this guide for future reference. Here are some things you might want to think about…

1. A light suitcase. I know you might want to get the most visually appealing suitcase but go for something you can pack a lot in and just on its own doesn’t weigh a lot. You will be charged if the suitcase is overweight. Save your wallet.

2. When you pack make sure you have space for more, you will be buying a lot and will want to take it back home but if you run out of space what will you do?

3. Bring a backpack to free up space for your suitcase and to carry items that you will be scared to put in the suitcase like your computer.

4. Do NOT expect them to treat your luggage with the respect that luggage is going to go through punching, kicking, throwing, and unidentifiable liquids. So make sure everything that can break is secured in the suitcase. 

5. Be prepared for anything, pack things that will help you in any problem you may cross. Pads are a good example, sometimes periods are unexpected and you don’t want to go rushing to find a place to buy pads if it does arrive. 

6. Arrive at the airport early, there will be long lines just to check-in and then will later have to pass through a security check which can also take some time. You don’t want to end up missing your flight, the plane will not wait for you.

7. Always make sure you’re in the right place, sometimes they will change the location of the gate. If you are confused by something, ask questions no matter how annoying you might end up being from the questions, it’s better than missing your flight or losing your luggage. 

8. Bring a blanket, the airplane is usually cold. Also, bring a neck pillow. You will be so uncomfortable if you don’t, especially if it’s a long flight.

9. Bring headphones, it can get noisy especially if there’s a child in the plane RIP. If your seat is next to a child they won’t let you sleep because of the constant questions…. Honestly, we should hire them when we need to come up with interview questions.

10. In the airport, everything is expensive so if you want to go around and do some shopping be prepared to pay double the amount it’s worth.

11. Make sure to pay attention to any announcements they make, especially if it’s a connected flight because sometimes they’ll ask you to go get your luggage and take it down to check it in for the new plane. 

12. When you finally arrive make sure to walk fast. You want to be out of there as soon as possible and will not appreciate the long line at immigration. When you get your luggage and are ready to leave, cross your fingers and toes and hair. You will be pressing a button, if it shines red they have to go through your whole luggage but if it’s green you can just walk right ahead and go home. 

You are now ready to travel. SAFE TRAVELS!


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