TikTok claims pandemic babies are built different–what does that mean?


Sanjay Fernando

A built different baby wreaking havoc in a city near you.

Approximately 116 million babies were born during the pandemic. Some were born with unnatural abilities, like doing gymnastics at one month old, being born with lots of hair, and walking at an early age.

Why is this happening? No one knows. It could be Covid. It could be the vaccine. It could be people with too much time on their hands. But the important question to ask yourself is: Is your baby built different?

The term for “built different babies” was made by a community of people on TikTok after various videos of pandemic babies were posted. User @boydsrus posted a video of their 16-month-old child using gymnastics bars. The child lifted itself up and flipped over with pointed toes showing great posture. 

An anonymous user commented on the video, “Realistic pandemic baby: cries hysterically whenever they see someone outside of their household.” Another anonymous user said, “If this was my baby I would lower him into my local mall and have him steal all the Rolexes from the Mayor’s store…” 

The normal age for a baby to start gymnastics is at the age of three, so you can imagine the shock this mother felt seeing her baby.

Various TikTokers posted their “gorilla” looking babies just hours after being born, some showed them brushing the body hair and even were able to do braids using the babies leg hair. Shocked viewers said, “he hit puberty earlier than anyone,” while other commenters said, “If Bella had a baby with Jacob instead of Edward,” and “He gon’ enter school looking like a staff member.”

Now do you want to know if your baby is built different? Answer these questions:

  1. Does your baby have lots of hair at an early age?
  2. Can your baby do flips on a bar at 1 month?
  3. Does your baby look like the boss baby?
  4. Can your baby speak back to you?
  5. Does your baby sit up on its own only 2 weeks of being born?
  6. Is your baby smarter at 1 year old than you in kindergarten?
  7. Is your baby able to file your taxes?

If your baby does five or more of these things, congratulations! Your baby is built different!