Top five things to do this summer


Alexa Rosales

A perfect day at the beach.

With the school year coming to a close, students are gearing up for the long awaited summer. Here are the top five things to do this summer. 


1) Go to the pool.

It’s a classic summer move, and it’s an activity that is accessible to virtually everyone. So whip out the goggles and bathing suits, and head to the pool with friends and family. 

2) Create and complete a summer 2021 bucket list. 

Add all sorts of things on there like have a slip n slide day, make a cake from scratch, and anything else you can think of! Let your imagination run free and try new activities you haven’t done before.

3) Make a time capsule.

This is an activity you can do with friends and something anyone can do. Put pictures of you and your friends, a letter to yourself, and any objects that you think are significant and you have a time capsule. Make sure you don’t open it for at least five years. 

4) Have a beach day.

Have a fun day at the beach with friends or family, and soak up the sun. Take a dive in the ocean, go parasailing, or go on a banana boat ride and try not to fall out. There’s plenty to do in a day at the beach.

5) Have a picnic. 

This is another safe choice, but a fun one that everyone can enjoy! Pick a gorgeous spot in town, pack your basket, pick up a cake, and go have fun with friends. It gives you an opportunity to hang out, take photos, and to truly enjoy the summer weather.

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