In-person sports return with updated COVID-19 mandates


Iris Quintanilla,

Seniors Abraham Quintanilla, Jason Bailey, and junior Andy Romero are ready to take off their masks and win lacrosse games beginning this Monday, May 24.

As of May 19, 2021 and as students transition back to in-person sports, necessary precautions against Covid-19 have been updated in order to ensure the safety of athletes, coaches and spectators. 

For outdoor sports, masks are no longer mandated, but will still be required for indoor sports. Athletes are required to bring their own water and hand sanitizer. Coaches and athletes must check-in daily using a QR code to verify they are not experiencing any symptoms. In addition, all student-athletes must have a valid SR-8 physical with the COVID-19 page and their parents must register them on ParentVue through Synergy. Students can participate in in-person sports and still be virtual during school hours.

“I feel safe when I’m at the practices and games. My coach always makes sure to sanitize the balls before practice and she also makes sure we sanitize our hands regularly,” junior volleyball athlete Kacie Jimenez said. 

Players must follow social-distancing guidelines at all times and try to stay six feet apart. During games, cones are placed six feet apart for the benched players. “We all wear masks, we social distance, we don’t share clothes or water or anything, and most of us got the vaccine so I definitely feel safe,” junior lacrosse athlete Isabel Polanco said. “Getting out and being active again has been great for my mental and physical health.” Group sizes include 50 people when outside and 25 people inside at a time, although most teams are smaller than that. 

However, coaches could opt out of competing this season and just hold practices. “Teams can opt out [of games] but that was usually because there weren’t enough players signed up to field a team and field a team safely. We were only able to field a varsity team,” girls lacrosse coach Melissa Brigham said. There are less total games this season and athletes are playing against some teams they do not typically play. 

As of May 19, the Board of Education stipulated that there is no longer a limit on the number of spectators for outdoor competitions, contrary to the previously mandated two spectators per athlete at games. Spectator lists are no longer required, but those who are not vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear masks.  

The return of in-person sports is exciting to coaches and athletes alike. “I am super excited and thrilled to be back on the field,” Brigham added. “While virtual sports was a great way to stay connected, it just isn’t the same as interacting in person, practicing the sports specific skills and competing.”

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