10 things to do for your mom on Mother’s Day


Grace Edwards

Mothers of Watkins Mill should be celebrated! What are you doing for Mother’s day?

With Mother’s Day coming this weekend, most kids are thinking, “what should I do for my mom?” Here’s 10 quick and easy things to do for your mom role model. 

1. The first thing we typically think about is making or buying a card.

Instead of just saying I love you and signing it, write a joke or a poem. Make it more personal to make her smile. 

2. The second typical thing is breakfast in bed.

Unless you are Patrick Star, try to make her something more outside of the box, like homemade French toast or even stuffed pancakes!

3. Another typical thing is gifts!

Instead of giving just flowers or some chocolate. Give her something you know she wants or needs.

4. The simplest of the ten is just helping your mom out for the day.

Moms are always doing housework, when they really shouldn’t be. They aren’t our maids after all. Give her more of a break when she’s cooking, cleaning, etc.

5. Hang out with your family.

Your family may be very busy and rarely have time to spend together. Set some time out of the day to just hang out with your family. Play games, take a walk, or watch a new movie. 

6. Go outside and travel! (If you have your vaccines, of course)

If you want to hang out with your family but do something more fun, you can always go out. Even though it is more costly– go out to eat, go to an amusement park, or even out on the water.

7. Have a spa day!

Nothing is more fun and relaxing than having a spa day! Take her out to one or even make one for her yourself. Try face masks, spa robes, mani-pedi, the whole nine yards!

8. Take her on a shopping spree!

Now this one is expensive unless you find good deals.  With the summer rolling around and stores opening back up, there are plenty of places to go. Shop ’till you drop!

9. Try to make her favorite food or drink.

Something that you know that she will love, even if it’s not perfect. I bet the effort will still make her smile. 

10. Thank her.

Last, but not least, you could always make her a thank speech or video, something memorable and one for the books.

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