Trump’s Super Bowl ad attempts to pander to black voters—don’t let it

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ripped up President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, citing that he did the same to the Constitution.

President Donald Trump turned a new leaf and is reuniting families. How amazing is that?

Says no one.

Trump’s new campaign plan to attract black voters is absolutely ridiculous and the ad that aired during the Super Bowl was a gimmick. 

The ad consisted of 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, a once convicted felon for a non-violent drug charge, saying how she’s so thankful to Trump for her early release. The only reason Trump knew who she was in the first place was because Kim Kardashian brought her to his attention. He doesn’t care about the lower profile cases of people languishing in jails for non-violent drug charges.

This wasn’t about freeing a woman from prison due to an excessive sentence; Trump is using Johnson as an opportunity to appeal to the black community. But we can’t forget this is the same man who referred to countries in Africa as “s***hole countries.” Nor can we forget that while he was reuniting Johnson with her family, he was separating thousands of children from their parents for the crime of not being born in America. Or the 4,500 children who reported being sexually abused while separated from their parents under Trump’s policies.

Trump has no intention of actually helping the black community; he is simply trying to get re-elected. To this man, everyone is a pawn in his game to get another four years to empower racists and devalue the Constitution. It’s not a coincidence that there has been a huge increase of anti-semitic, racist, and bigoted acts; it’s because the intolerant community thinks that because he is the president, they have all the right to express such hate. 

As Americans, we cannot let this man fool us into thinking he is actually doing any of this from the goodness of his heart or because he cares about minorities. Trump rewarded radio host Rush Limbaugh with the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” just two nights after this Super Bowl ad aired. Limbaugh is the absolute last person who deserves this award. Limbaugh has built a career on spewing hate—against minorities, against women, and against anyone who doesn’t look like him and Donald Trump. 

Being American is not about the color of your skin or your social status. To be an American means compassion and bravery, it means believing in love instead of hate, and accepting those who come from all walks of life. What happened to, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free?”

We display these words on the Statue of Liberty for the world, yet we let a man who does not show an inkling of respect for the tenets that made America what it is run our country. We, as Americans, cannot fall for this. Not again.

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