Games to play with the family this holiday season


Amelia Burton

How to make the holidays more fun? Play games with your family!

Amelia Burton, Associate Editor

The holidays are coming up and many of us are excited about the presents we might receive, but sometimes, holidays can be a drag with all the awkward conversations. So what better way to lighten up the mood than with games?

Whether you’re 10, 40, or 70 years old, these games are fun for everyone. So gather the family and get ready to have a great time, especially if your family is competitive. These games might bring crazy or funny moments you’ll remember forever.  

Guess that gift

This game is perfect to start things off on Christmas morning. When everyone is opening their gifts, instead of telling people which gift is from you, let them guess and see who knows you better.  This game might surprise you, maybe someone knows you better than you thought.

Family Feud

Now you have probably seen this television show (and if you haven’t, you’re missing out). This game is bound to be full of laughs and yelling (but the good kind of yelling). If you don’t know how to play, these are the rules; there are two teams and a host. The host will ask a question and based on the question you have to come up with funny answers. The team with the most answers that correspond with the question wins!

Heads Up

If you have a phone, then you have so many options with this game. Download Heads Up on your phone and you can choose which category to play from the many choices on the app.  The rules of the game are simple, the person guessing the word/phrase places the phone of their forehead and everyone else has to give hints until the person guesses correctly. Try to get through as many words/phrases as possible within the time limit.


Okay, everyone knows this game and if you’re crazy competitive, this game might just shut the house down. Because everyone plays this game differently, set the rules in the beginning so there’s one less frustration. And just try to remember that it’s just a game.

Cards Against Humanity

Now, this game can either be very funny or a tragic end to the night.  So, if you’re trying to find a way out of all of these games at the end of the night, this might just be it. In this game you will each have ten  white cards and when it’s your turn you will pick a black card from the deck. Each person has to match a white card to finish the phrase one the black card. Depending on your type of humor your family might find out some things about you that you never anticipated.  No matter how it turns out, have fun!

Happy Holidays! Eat well, enjoy each other’s company, and I wish everyone positive energy over winter break.

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