Game of Thrones Series Finale Recap {SPOILER ALERT}


Arthur Siqueira

Game of Thrones graphic for the newest episode by Graphic Designer Arthur Siqueira

Jamie Carmichael

After eight seasons of following Game of Thrones on HBO, it finally came to an end. It was a shocker to all of us and will be very much missed.

This last episode was honestly a roller coaster. It started off with Grey Worm killing Kings Landing soldiers and Jon trying to stop them. They argued and he stormed off to ask Daenerys about it. After, he later saw Daenerys giving another rallying speech to her troops telling them that they’re not done rallying yet. Tyrion then approached Daenerys who then told her guards to take him to the dungeon, where Jon later visited him. Tyrion then told Jon that he must kill Daenerys to save everyone from her wrath because she’s still out for blood.

A few moments later, Jon then visited Daenerys by the Iron Throne in the Red Keep, or at least what was left of it. They then embrace and kiss each other. John stabs her in the heart, she dies. Drogon then comes and see the aftermath. He looks at John and then uses his fire breath to literally MELT the iron throne. After he’s done, he grabs Daenerys dead body by the feet and flies off never to be seen again.

In one of the last scenes, Grey Worm and all of the lords and ladies decide who the next leader of Westeros will be. Tyrion in chains suggests Bran, everyone else says “aye” and agrees with him making Bran the King of Westeros.

Sansa then declares her love for her brother, but then tells him that Winterfell and the rest of the north will remain a private kingdom. After this scene, Arya claims that she will be going beyond Westeros, John goes back to the Night’s Watch as punishment for killing Daenerys, the Unsullied sail off elsewhere, and Sansa gets crowned as Queen of the North, WHICH WAS AMAZING. I really do love her. The closing scene is Bran and his advisors. It was really beautiful.

Well sissies, it was nice updating you guys.

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