Sports Wrap-Up: December 12, 2018

Arthur Siqueira, Israel Safo, and Spencer Neill

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Girls Basketball

Girls basketball lost after a hard fight for their first away game against Churchill on December 10. The team lost 67-21 after a very long game with dedication from both sides.

The ‘Rines plan to bounce back at their next game December 12 at home versus Clarksburg at 7:15.

“I think we have a lot of potential as a team, most of the team has been practicing since the fall and conditioning since the summer,” junior Precious Agyekum said. “I know we can win it all if we but put in the work.”

Boys Basketball

The ‘Rines boys basketball team fell to the Churchill Bulldogs last night, December 10 but still keep their heads up for their third game of the season, tomorrow night against Thomas Johnson.

“Communicating better and running plays the way their designed,” senior Lucas Elenga said. The boy’s next game is this Wednesday at Thomas Johnson high school. The boy’s next home game is a doubleheader with girl’s basketball this Friday at 7:15. Come out and support!


Watkins Mill High School Wolverines defeated the Kennedy Cavaliers at John F. Kennedy High School by a score of 44 to 27.

The wrestling team performed fantastically, getting their first win of the season.

Junior Victor Kum won the match in the 170 pounds division by landing a 45 second pin, even though he fights in the 160 pound division. “This is the beginning to a great, successful Watkins Mill wrestling season,” Kum said.

“I think I did really good, but I could have listened more to the coach during the match. Our team had heart and we all performed good,” junior Justin Benitez said. Benitez lasted two rounds and pulled out with a win in the 120 pounds division.

Freshman Romeo Tsai also won in the 120 pounds division as well as Sophomore Elike Kalin-Samlan in the 160/170 pounds division.

Come see the ‘Rines wrestle the Northwood High School Gladiators Thursday, December 13 at Watkins Mill High School.

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