Trump’s administration tries to define gender, dehumanizing millions


Arthur Siqueira

The dictionary definition of gender, pre-Trump.

Jubilee Robinson, Associate Editor

President Donald Trump’s administration released a memo last month stating that they plan to change how states view gender in the federal civil rights law (Title IX), defining gender as determined by genitals, male or female, and unchangeable.

Title IX protects students from discrimination because of their sex but fails to define it. Ignoring the numerous studies adopted by medical professionals and the dictionary definition stating that sex and gender are not equal, this administration has chosen to adopt a term for gender that is not only incorrect, but that also erases the 1.4 million genderqueer individuals in the US and the one in 100 who are born intersex.

This not only limits their rights but erases their existence. Let me repeat, under this memo, 1.4 million people will be dehumanized and erased from the administration’s eyes. It will deny genderqueer individuals recognition and protection against discrimination in schools and other facilities that receive federal funding.

If this definition is adopted in Title IX it would mean trans students will have no protection under the law if they are abused or harassed regarding their gender identity. It also means that they will not be able to participate in activities or use facilities which correspond with the gender they identify with.

The trans and genderqueer communities have fought for decades for recognition from the government and equal rights in their communities. The world is a harsh and unforgiving place for genderqueer individuals. According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP), transgender women alone are three times more likely to experience harassment than a cisgender woman would.

By taking away these protections, the Trump Administration is effectively trying to rationalize prejudice against the LGBTQ+ and genderqueer communities, and for what reason? They are using these laws to gain the support of the transphobic population for votes in upcoming elections. Imagine erasing an entire group of people for votes, for popularity.

Transgender and genderqueer people are just that, people. We are not an ideology, not a political stance, not an agenda, we are human beings. We have different ideas and political standings, experiences, and beliefs. Our existence is not an option, and regardless of how you define us, we will not be erased.

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