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Venom was a good movie, you guys are just mean.

Venom was a good movie you cowards

Venom was a good movie you cowards

Charisse Warfield

Charisse Warfield

Venom was a good movie you cowards

Charisse Warfield

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Spoiler alert.

Venom was the most recent superhero craze of fall 2018. However, it was torn to shreds by critics and given a 30 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, though the audience gave it a great 88 percent like the intellectuals that they are.

You see, the secret to enjoying Venom is to not see it as a cool comic book movie, but rather to view it as the romantic comedy that it truly is.

Okay, so maybe that was a joke, but the fact of the matter is that Venom was a really unique addition to the current comic book movie scene–sort of. Instead of the typical wholehearted “only do good” superhero, we get a man who is struggling through life while unemployed in San Francisco.

Eddie Brock isn’t introduced as an admirable person. He is no Steve Rogers, who only does what is right and harms no one. As a matter of fact, his job before this was to hurt people. Of course, it was for the greater good, but at the end of the day, he was ending careers.

He finally gets a taste of his own medicine when he decides to break into the science headquarters of Carlton Drake, who later becomes the bad guy. This is where the movie goes even darker, differing completely from other Marvel movies in the past (well, the Disney produced ones at least).

Eddie catches the test subjects, most of whom are being slowly killed by the Symbiotes that Drake forced upon them. When Eddie further investigates, he finds his close friend who ultimately gives him Venom. Now, this is where the movie begins turning more into a romantic comedy.

You see, Eddie goes through all these trials during his stage of becoming Venom. Eddie is seen eating live animals and biting heads off of people. He also has to suffer through Venom’s constant babbling inside of his head. However, instead of going crazy, he begins accepting Venom for who he is.

They come to a conclusion that they need to help each other out. Venom gives Eddie strength and the help he needs to get his tasks done, and Eddie gives Venom a host.

In most comic book movies, the host goes evil with power or is constantly trying to get rid of the ‘parasite’ (don’t let Venom hear that). But in Venom, the host and Symbiote work together for a good cause. He may not end up a hero who harms no one, but at the end of the day, he is still there to help the people.

Further, in the movie, they have a tragic break up. Eddie finds out that Venom may have been killing him this whole time. And like a tragic romance, Eddie storms out in the rain as Venom calls out his name and watches Eddie depart. (Sounds sappy, right? I’m not making this up)

However, Venom won’t give up on his boo. He finds a way back to Eddie. And proceeds to passionately make out with him (again, I am not making this up). After all that, they finally talk things through and decide to save the world from Venom’s boss, Riot.

After one of the most breathtaking fight scenes in cinematic history, Eddie and Venom successfully win, but not without sacrifice. Like the true romantic hero he is, Venom sacrifices himself to save Eddie…


In the end, Eddie kindly rejects his ex-girlfriend whom he was so obsessed with for his alien man Venom. They walk down the street and partake in playful banter before tearing off a man’s head for dinner.

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