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81 things to do for the 81 days of summer break

Modern art in national portrait gallery

Modern art in national portrait gallery

Lee Robinson

Lee Robinson

Modern art in national portrait gallery

Bianca Johnson

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We all love summer break, but sometimes it can get pretty boring. So here are a list of things worth doing over the 81 days of summer. Try to see how many you can complete on this list to have the best summer ever. Most things listed are free or close to it, so they won’t break the bank.  Good luck and have fun!

  1. Go to a free concert
  2. Go on a picnic
  3. Hike Sugarloaf Mountain
  4. Go to the pool
  5. Try a relaxing new hobby ex yoga, running, meditation, reading, art etc.
  6. Try a motivating new hobby, DIYs, photography, cinematography, cooking
  7. Throw or go to a sleepover
  8. Volunteer your time at a soup kitchen
  9. Go to a historical site in Maryland
  10. Go to a historical site in Virginia
  11. Road trip to New York City
  12. While you’re there get some famous New York pizza
  13. Go to Assateague Island or “Horsey Island”
  14. Spend the day at Chocolate World at Hersheypark–the admission is FREE
  15. Hike the Appalachian Trail
  16. Check out Great Falls
  17. Have a cookout
  18. Go out to dinner with friends and pretend it’s one of your birthdays
  19. Try a new restaurant you’ve never been to
  20. Paint something pretty and give it away
  21. Go the beach
  22. Collect sea shells with friends or family and use them in a craft
  23. Make a scrapbook of all your best high school memories so far to add on to in the following summers
  24. Make a vision board
  25. Do something nostalgic from your childhood
  26. Try Georgetown cupcakes and Sprinkles to decide which one is better
  27. Take a tour of DC
  28. Go to as many Smithsonian museums as possible–FREE admission
  29. Go to the Montgomery County Fair
  30. Volunteer at the Montgomery County Fair
  31. Go window shopping
  32. Clean out your closet
  33. Go to Sephora and get a FREE makeover
  34. Play mini golf
  35. Learn how to play chess
  36. Learn how to say a couple of phrases in a different language.
  37. Pay for the order behind you in the drive through
  38. Go to a pet adoption and play with the animals
  39. Check out Meadowside Nature Center
  40. Visit Butler’s Orchard
  41. Bike the Capital Crescent Trail
  42. Walk the Underground Railroad trail in Sandy Spring
  43. Go to a book signing at Politics and Prose in DC
  44. Go to a comedy show
  45. Take photos in the iconic sunflower field in Poolesville
  46. Outdoor movies at Rockville town Center–FREE
  47. Go to the annual DC Folklife Festival June 27- July 1
  48. Try to cook a different culture’s trademark dish
  49. Check out the Library of Congress National Book Festival 
  50. Go to the fireworks July 4 on the DC mall
  51. Have a water balloon fight
  52. Pick up trash in your community
  53. By the People Art Festival June 21-24
  54. National Capital Barbecue Battle June 23-24
  55. Comcast Xfinity outdoor film festival at Strathmoore
  56. Regal has really cheap cartoon movies in the morning
  57. Have a spa day
  58. Have a Netflix marathon
  59. Go to a local sports game (baseball is very common)
  60. Visit Baltimore
  61. Plant a fruit or vegetable
  62. Kayak at Black Hills Park
  63. Go to the DC Zoo
  64. Decorate your own shirts
  65. Download the Groupon app and get deals on classes or events
  66. See a movie from the balcony at the historic Uptown movie theater in DC
  67. Handwrite a letter to a friend
  68. Find a penpal
  69. Try a coupon shopping spree
  70. Go summer sledding (with a sled and a big hill–it works!)
  71. Go on a late-night drive
  72. Walk on the beach at night
  73. Go to Annapolis
  74. Have a photoshoot in a cool environment
  75. Clean your computer desktop
  76. Go paddle boating at Rio
  77. Visit Brookside Gardens
  78. Go to a ropes course
  79. Go to Deep Creek Lake
  80. Take a cake-decorating class at Michaels
  81. DO YOUR SUMMER READING (Mrs. Confino made me add this–but seriously don’t wait until the last day of summer for this one!)
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Bianca Johnson, Associate Editor

Bianca Johnson has been on the newspaper staff since Junior year and is an Associate Editor for The Current. She plans on traveling around the world and studying communications while in college. Her dream in life is to have her own TV show and build her own house.

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